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end of year book awards

This has been a year of firsts. We launched our first weekly update dedicated to our favorite romance reads, and now a few of those books are nominated for the inaugural Bookfinity Moodie Awards!

For the first time ever Bookfinity is hosting their own book awards and not in a traditional way. Bookfinity’s Moodie Awards are based on how books made people feel, readers vote based on impact.

Relive the books we’ve featured on little infinite below and even find a few excerpts from our previous weekly romance updates about the nominees. And of course, don’t forget to VOTE for your favorite book!

It Empowered Us.

Seven Days in June, Tia Williams

Seven Days in June

“Have you ever been so enraptured by a book that you immediately have to know everything there is to know about the writer? For us, that book is Seven Days in June by Tia Williams.   

You would think it would be easy to review a novel you loved, right? Wrong. What if I say something that puts someone off from reading this delicious and compulsive story? It’s a little terrifying, truthfully. 

Seven Days in June chronicles two writers who had a brief but life-altering affair in high school. They meet again fifteen years later at a literary event. Shane is a National Book Award winner; Eva writes vampire erotica with such a rabid fan base they make Twilight fans seem tepid.”

Learn more and vote for the book in the Moodie Awards.

They Made Us Happy.


Honey Girl, by Morgan Rogers

Honey Girl

“I read an interview with Morgan Rogers in which she stated that Honey Girl is not a romance; she considers it a coming-of-age novel. It is a beautifully told and poignant story of losing oneself in the pursuit of perfection as defined by family, academia, and society at large. There are elements of this story that are unique to Grace’s background, but the theme of waking up one day to find your surrounding landscape suddenly foreign and unwelcoming is universal.

Morgan Rogers’s writing reads like poetry, lyrical and rife with imagery. Each character is fully fleshed out; you can see and hear them distinctly as you read.

Honey Girl contains a beautiful and fully formed love story; but you can still debate with your book club whether to shelve it under coming-of-age stories or romance.”

Read more about the book and vote!

They Made Us LOL.

The People We Meet on Vacation, by Emily Henry

People We Meet on Vacation

Okay, TECHNICALLY we didn’t review this book, we reviewed Emily Henry’s other book – Beach Read (if you click on the title above – you’ll head there).

“Emily Henry is a fantastic writer and has two BOTM selections to prove it.  Beach Read  is the first, and  People We Meet on Vacation, the second. Back-to-back BOTM selections are the author equivalent of winning Oscars for two films in a row.”


These are only a few of the books nominated in Bookfinity’s Moodie Awards. Be sure to check out the others nominated.

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