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The Perfect Audiobooks and Podcasts For A Springtime Walk

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Stepping Up For A Springtime Walk Getting the most out of your you-time! First of all, audiobooks absolutely count as reading. Let’s just get that out of the way. So grab some headphones and sneakers, and let’s get going on a springtime walk. As you prioritize your PHYSICAL health with exercise, consider using that time to cater to your mental health, too. Nonfiction audiobooks cover a huge range of subjects, from biographies and poetry collections to STEM topics, and with so many titles and platforms available, it can be hard to know where to start! PODCAST FOR A SPRINGTIME WALK Walking the Dog with Emily Dean Podcast It really is the simplest of concepts: Emily Dean and her dog, Raymond the Shih Tzu, go for walks with a wide variety of guests and learn what makes comedians, writers, actors, and others really tick. Listen along as she walks-and-talks with people like Tom Holland, Rickey Gervais, Sarah Millican, and others about life, love, careers, and other universal topics. Each soothing episode is approximately an hour long, making this a perfect pick for your walks, whether or not you have a furry companion of your own.         The Outdoors