The Book That May Inspire You To Write Fan-Fiction

Seven Days in June
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Have you ever been so enraptured by a book that you immediately have to know everything there is to know about the writer? For me, that book is Seven Days in June by Tia Williams.   

You would think it would be easy to review a novel you loved, right? Wrong. What if I say something that puts someone off from reading this delicious and compulsive story? It’s a little terrifying, truthfully. 

Seven Days in June chronicles two writers who had a brief but life-altering affair in high school. They meet again fifteen years later at a literary event. Shane is a National Book Award winner; Eva writes vampire erotica with such a rabid fan base they make Twilight fans seem tepid. 

If I had to pick the ‘it’ factor that makes this book magic, it would be Tia Williams’s ability to write characters who are so fully formed you forget you’re reading fiction. While I’ve never really understood the compulsion to write fan-fiction, Seven Days in June illuminated the idea of loving characters so much you want to keep them alive by writing your own stories about them. 

Here’s a great interview with Tia Williams hosted by Tubby and Coo’s Mid-City Book Shop: Interview with Tia Williams.

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Seven Days in June
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