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Honey Girl

Grace Porter almost has it all. A Ph.D. in Astronomy, devoted friends, and a gorgeous wife. BUT she cannot find a job in her field and is a little fuzzy about her wife’s name or how to find her. Maybe her marriage would better be filed under ‘whoops,’ having taken place very drunkenly in Vegas.

I read an interview with Morgan Rogers in which she stated that Honey Girl is not a romance; she considers it a coming-of-age novel. It is a beautifully told and poignant story of losing oneself in the pursuit of perfection as defined by family, academia, and society at large. There are elements of this story that are unique to Grace’s background, but the theme of waking up one day to find your surrounding landscape suddenly foreign and unwelcoming is universal.

Morgan Rogers’s writing reads like poetry, lyrical and rife with imagery. Each character is fully fleshed out; you can see and hear them distinctly as you read.

Honey Girl contains a beautiful and fully formed love story; but you can still debate with your book club whether to shelve it under coming-of-age stories or romance.

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