Celebrate Pride Month with LGBTQ Romance Novels

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Celebrate Pride – New LGBTQ Edition Pride Month 2024 has opened up a whole new bookshelf with LGBTQ romance novels! It’s officially my favorite time of year! Pride is here, and we are excited to celebrate the LGBTQ community and their unique stories and experiences. Celebrate love and community with us, rainbow-fy your bookshelves, and fill up your monthly TBR with some great LGBTQ romance novels. We’ve collected new books featuring LGBTQ romances that will sweep you off your feet and have you swooning. Some may even add a bit of extra spice to your reading menu. These are books you are going to want to recommend to your queer friends. #loveislove Titanic Survivors Book Club by Timothy Schaffert A National Bestseller! When looking for a queer romance, there is nothing better than a love triangle. I personally love a slow-burn romance full of longing looks, unrequited feelings, and forbidden love. Set against the background of pre-war Paris, where queer love is considered a “love that dare not speak its name,” three Titanic survivors join a book club. After connecting over books and their near-death experience, Yorick, Haze, and Zinnia find themselves caught up in the complexity of love and