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‘Healing Powers’ Book Giveaway

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Enter our book giveaway to win three guides to discover your full healing potential from David & Charles Publishing.

Healing Power of Sound: A Beginner’s Guide to Sound Therapy

by Jane Everett

isbn: 9781446310601,template: list, title: Healing Power of Sound: A Beginner's Guide to Sound Therapy

Discover the magnificent power of sound in this beginner’s guide to sound healing.
In The Healing Power of Sound, sound therapist, crystal healer and energy worker Janie Everett sets out to unpack the power that comes with listening to the world – and the universe – as it vibrates through and all around us.

Exploring the healing benefits of engaging with the vibrational frequencies that can soothe the soul, this introductory guide to using sound to heal the mind, body and spirit lays out in the easiest terms how to get the most from engaging more deeply with the sounds that punctuate our every waking moment.

Informed by her work as a sound therapist and energy practitioner, Janie Everett explores the ways we can work with sound and activate its healing powers, all while guiding readers through meditations and exercises that encourage them to fully explore the sense that they perhaps take most for granted.

Starting with a gentle introduction to the science that underpins this mystical area, throughout the book there are guided exercises and practices to help you engage with the sounds to be found all around us in everyday life. From the simplest moments of listening intently to nature, needing nothing but your ears to tune into the world, through to a deep dive into all the tools that can enhance a sound healing experience, this comprehensive beginner’s guide is packed full of information and practical

sound experiences.

The power of sound healing can be felt in the tiniest of vibrations made by implements found in the home or experienced in the

surroundings of an organized sound bath. For those new to sound healing, all the kits you might see if you attend one is explained, leaving you feeling confident and excited to join an organized event, happy in the knowledge that you’ll know what to expect!

buy this book now from indiepubs.comContaining everything you need to know about to get started on a sound healing journey- from the power of quartz in a wristwatch to the resonance of the background hum of the big bang, The Healing Power of Sound will guide readers in how to harness the majesty of the universe to soothe their souls in trying times.

Healing Power of Scent: A Beginner’s Guide to the Power of Essential Oils

by Ellen Rowland

isbn: 9781446310595,template: list, title: Healing Power of Scent: A Beginner's Guide to the Power of Essential Oils

In The Healing Power of Scent, aromatherapist and author Ellen Rowland dives deep into the most mysterious and ephemeral of the five senses – scent – and explores how we can use our own unique responses to the smells we find in the world around us for spiritual and emotional healing.

Starting from a place of inquisitiveness, the science of scent is unpacked in accessible terms as its healing power is revealed through its molecular makeup.

The practical application of scent comes next, with a series of exercises, recipes and prompts to help the reader develop their own scent diary and understanding of the scents that mean the most to them. The recipes include blends of oils for the reader to try, with instructions for other products to add scent to a create a life filled with a healing power that makes the reader feel safe and supported.

The Healing Power of Scent explores the emotional aspects of scent and its associations, and looks closely at how certain scents can actually have a physical impact on us, and how that impact can be harnessed for healing.

Throughout the book, exercises to engage fully with what scent means to the reader, and how it can be used to improve everyday life are explained in an easy-to-follow way, with guidance on how to bring more helpful and healing scent into everyday life.

A perfect introduction to everything you could want to know about the power of scent, the combined scientific and emotional approaches result in a truly holistic understanding of the healing power of scent, and how it can enhance your this book now from

Healing Power of Movement: A Beginner’s Guide to Using Your Body

by Hannah Glancy

isbn: 9781446313176,template: list, title: Healing Power of Movement: A Beginner's Guide to Using Your Body

In The Healing Power of Movement, the joy of being physically active and how that can boost physical, mental, and spiritual health is explored and revealed in full. Written by an experienced yoga teacher, hill runner and fell walker, Hannah Glancy, the benefits of moving your body and connecting with nature in order to feel more in tune with the world take center stage… starting from a place of joy, to demystify the sometimes opaque and intimidating world of physical activity.

Split into three parts, the first – Move with Your Body – guides readers through practical exercises to help connect with their own body and recognize what a magical tool for moving through the world it can be, and already is. Filled with tips and tricks, getting in touch with the body lays the groundwork for the healing to follow.

In part two – Move with Your Breath – the healing power of deep yogic breathing, alternate nostril breathing (as made famous by Hilary Clinton) takes the reader deeper into the mind-body connection and explores how activating the breath can be the most healing part of physical movement.

In part three – Move with Your Mind – the barriers that we all put up in face of getting active are gently broken down as resilience and acceptance are explored, with a quiz designed to help readers identify the mindset they bring to movement and helping readers to understand how they can change their own approach for the better.

Throughout the book there are specific practical exercises to try at home that help explain the concepts explored, including two full yoga sequences with illustrations that guide the reader through the poses.

Featuring tips for running, walking and cold-water swimming, The Healing Power of Movement is the perfect introduction to understanding exercise for people who want to live a fulfilling active life that puts healing and nature at its heart.

buy this book now from


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