li Astrology: The Zodiac Signs Ins and Outs for 2024

Photo by Nastya Dulhiier on Unsplash
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In: 2024

Out: Holding onto the past

As we ease into this new year, we can’t help but take a moment to evaluate our pasts, presents, and futures. What better way to kick off this new beginning than with a peak into what the stars have in store for each of us? Normally, the horoscopes for each sign are all wildly different. But this year, they all share the same theme– transformation. From closing cycles to starting new jobs, all of us are being asked to challenge the people we currently are. Everyone’s zodiac signs ins and outs to look forward to and to forget in the past!

Do we like ourselves?

What habits have led us here?

Are they truly working for us?

And what is holding us back from that relationship/job/family/peace? 

Astrology makes us long for all of the answers. Yet, the stars and planets are just there to guide us forward and help make sense of what is. The true changes come from you and the way you use your inner power and freewill. So take a look at the “ins and outs” for your sun, moon, and rising sign to see the vibe 2024 has in store for you! As always, remember this life is what you make it. The stars are simply there to light the way ahead!

Happy New Year, may 2024 be your best year yet!


In: Checklists, timers and to-do lists

Out: Pretending like you’re not soft and sensitive under that hard shell


In: Financial investing.

Out: Doing the entire group project.


In: Calling your mom

Out: The second string on your roster


In: Asking questions

Out: Ignoring patterns


In: Meditation and journaling

Out: THE ex


In: Main Character Energy

Out: Lone Wolf Energy


In: Starting fresh

Out: Hating your job


In: Synchronicities and signs

Out: Standing still


In: Wondering “why”

Out: The status-quo


In: Sharing your story

Out: Skipping workouts


In: Spontaneous adventures

Out: Working overtime


In: Red lipstick and confidence

Out: Worst case scenario thinking


Does your zodiac signs ins and outs make sense for your New Year’s resolutions? If not maybe you need to view your moon sign for more. Or read more about 2024 horoscopes here!