What Your Rising Sign Reveals

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What Your Rising Sign Reveals

The last piece of your “big three” is one of your most telling placements!

Your rising (or “ascendant”) sign shows how you perceive life and the way you are most often perceived by those around you. The perfect mix of your inner and outer world displayed in your physical body. Themes, repeated lessons, and the overall trajectory of your experiences in life are all influenced by this placement. In a sense, it serves as an instructional guide through life. So it’s obvious why the planet in charge of the rising zodiac sign is often referred to as our “chart ruler”.

Knowing your ascendant sign and chart-ruling planet is an absolute game changer!

If you’ve never really felt connected to your fiery sun sign, it could be because you have a water rising! Or maybe you’ve always heard, “you have such a baby face!” That could be because you’re an Aries rising, with a rounded, kind face and vibrant eyes, even if this Mars-ruled sign can have quite a temper at times. Personally, knowing I’m a Libra rising (ruled by Venus) has helped explain why I’m constantly learning lessons around balance, prone to diffusing arguments and why I just love really pretty simple pleasures in life.

Ready to find your rising sign?

The rising sign is whichever sign was on the Eastern horizon at the exact moment you were born. To find it, you must know the time (to the minute), location and date of your birth. Though it may not be visible to us down here on earth, the stars are always in motion! So having the right information is the best way to get the most out of your search. Once you have that, head to the rising sign calculator here, enter your info and prepare to be told all about yourself! The chart below is also a great starting point to discovering traits associated with each ruling planet.

At the end of the day, we are all gifted with the power of free will. But having knowledge on your rising sign is a beautiful way to find a deeper understanding of your reality and better align your inner and outer worlds with grace.

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Make you sure you know all about your sun sign and moon. It’ll help to pave your path as an aspiring astrologist expert!