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A Journaling Guide for the New Year

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Holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Halloween tend to get most of the glory. But personally, I’m a sucker for New Years! I find it so magical that for 24 hours, everyone all over the world gets a new chance to begin again.

Countless factors try to separate humans from one another all year long– geography, politics, nationality, religions, traditions. Though some cultures and countries celebrate on days other than December 31st, we all acknowledge some form of a new beginning. No matter how or when one brings in the new year, I’m willing to bet we all experience the same weird mix of nostalgia and anticipation, even if only for a brief time. 

Every New Year I process the year I’ve had and welcome the year ahead by doing my favorite thing– writing! Ahead, a few writing prompts designed to help you reflect on the past year and begin manifesting all you hope to see in the close future. Happy journaling and happy New Year!

  1. Take a moment to close your eyes and check in with yourself as you take three deep, filling breaths. For two minutes write all thoughts, sensations and emotions you are experiencing. Let it be an effortless flow. The point here is to clear your mind so you’re able to write and think from an authentic place as you continue ahead.
  2. Think back to last New Year’s Eve. Consider sights, smells, food, places, activities, and people. What is different between last year and this one? Why has it changed and how do you feel about the differences?
  3. Time to crack open your calendar or planner! List of one memorable event from each month. Now pick your top three and describe them! How did they make you feel then and what made them memorable? Did they change the course of your year or you as a person in any way?
  4. I’ll be the first to admit that the past year was another wild year. So it’s time to vent! What were some of the obstacles this year brought you? What lessons did each of them teach you?
  5. Now we move on to the fun stuff! What were some wins from the year? Big or small, list all you can think of. They all deserve to be recognized and celebrated!
  6. If you could sum up your entire year in one word, what would your word be? Why?
  7. While I may not believe in New Year’s resolutions, I do believe in finding new ways to grow whenever possible. Consider the different areas of your life and roles you play in each– finances, career, love, spirituality, personal relationships, etc. Where would you like to see new growth in your life? Do you have any ideas on how to encourage the growth you hope to see?
  8. List three current habits you want to bring into the new year and three new ones to begin. What do you hope to gain or learn from each habit?
  9. What are three small things you would love to manifest this year? Be as detailed and creative as possible. This is your life, you create every single piece of it. So have fun!
  10. What are three bigger things you want to manifest this year? Again, the sky’s the limit. Dream big!
  11. Close your eyes once more and take three more deep, filling breaths. Spend two minutes describing all of the emotions and sensations you would like to experience in the new year. Peace, fulfillment, joy, relief, freedom– list it all! Can you think of any ways to bring those into your present reality now? Feel those emotions with every sense you have and write it all out to make it real.

We hope you’re able to walk into the new year with gratitude for all that was and joy for all that lies ahead! May this year be your best year yet. To stay up-to-date, make sure to keep an eye out for more of little infinite’s featured content as we celebrate poetry, books, and this beautiful hot mess we call life on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash


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