What Is A ‘Moon Sign’?

Photo by Farzad Mohsenvand on Unsplash
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When it is time to illuminate the darkness, the moon is there to guide you!

Ruler of all things internal, emotional and hidden, your moon sign reveals your inner world. The moon is most often referred to as a maternal figure. So naturally, mama moon shows us how to best “mother” ourselves.

Your moon sign, like your sun sign, is determined by which constellation the moon was in at the moment you were born. It’s also just as important! The way we instinctively care for and nurture ourselves is determined by this placement. The way we learn what makes us feel comfortable and protected is shown here. But most importantly, it influences our internal belief system and the way we process the world around us. By knowing our moon signs and what they love well, we’re able to better understand what helps our hearts feel safe, loved, and secure. We’re able to shine brighter by learning ourselves from the inside out!

Uncovering your moon sign

This requires a little bit more information than finding your sun sign. For this, you’ll need your time and place of birth as well as the date. Why? The moon shifts signs every two days or so, according to western astrology. So always strive for accuracy when searching astrological placements. Trust me, there is a huge difference between living the life of Pisces moon and living life as a Virgo one!

Astrology Calculator

Once you know the date, time and birthplace, a quick search will lead you to moon sign calculators like the one here and you’ll have your moon revealed in no time!