Why Your Sun Sign Matters

Photo by Josh Rangel on Unsplash
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Looking to dive into astrology more but not sure where to start? 

We totally get it! With so much information on astrology around these days it’s hard to know where to begin. A popular book by Louise Eddington called, A Complete Guide To Astrology, is a great place to start. But if you want to do some quick educational briefs, you’ve come to the right place.

Lets start with why your sun sign matters!

You probably already know the first big item– your sun sign. Our sun sign is often the first astrological sign we’re introduced to because it’s the easiest to find. All you have to do is see which sign your birthdate falls under and BOOM! You’re a Leo…or a Capricorn…or a Taurus, you get the idea.

  • Aries—March 21-April 19.
  • Taurus—April 20-May 20.
  • Gemini—May 21-June 20.
  • Cancer—June 21-July 22.
  • Leo—July 23-August 22.
  • Virgo—August 23-September 22.
  • Libra—September 23-October 22.
  • ScorpioOctober 23-November 21.
  • Sagittarius—November 22- December 21
  • Capricorn— December 22- January 19
  • Aquarius— January 20- February 18
  • Pisces— February 19-March 20

But why does your sun sign matter if there are so many other placements?

Great question! According to Western Astrology, our sun signs represent the truest version of us. It is the filter through which we see the world. The lens that determines how every other sign in our chart shows up. Basically, the sun illuminates our most instinctive behaviors and natural core values. Some astrologers argue that people who identify with their sun signs tend to be happier because they’re in alignment with their purpose and who they’re supposed to become in this lifetime. So, when used correctly, following the energy of your sun sign can be a great indicator of your inner alignment and how to guide yourself back home, should you ever need a light to follow!

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