The Perfect Audiobooks and Podcasts For A Springtime Walk

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Stepping Up For A Springtime Walk

Getting the most out of your you-time!

First of all, audiobooks absolutely count as reading. Let’s just get that out of the way. So grab some headphones and sneakers, and let’s get going on a springtime walk.

As you prioritize your PHYSICAL health with exercise, consider using that time to cater to your mental health, too. Nonfiction audiobooks cover a huge range of subjects, from biographies and poetry collections to STEM topics, and with so many titles and platforms available, it can be hard to know where to start!


Walking the Dog with Emily Dean Podcast

It really is the simplest of concepts: Emily Dean and her dog, Raymond the Shih Tzu, go for walks with a wide variety of guests and learn what makes comedians, writers, actors, and others really tick. Listen along as she walks-and-talks with people like Tom Holland, Rickey Gervais, Sarah Millican, and others about life, love, careers, and other universal topics. Each soothing episode is approximately an hour long, making this a perfect pick for your walks, whether or not you have a furry companion of your own.





The Outdoors Fix Podcast

You might be on a stroll through your own familiar neighborhood but maybe you wish you were rafting through dangerous rapids or climbing up a cliff face instead of looking at your neighbor’s overgrown lawn! Get some nature-based serotonin while you listen to host Liv Bolton talk to people who want to inspire you to go outside as frequently as possible. Episodes are full of tips and advice about things like wild swimming and landscape photography, and guests share the multitude of benefits to your mental health that can result when you make outdoor adventuring a bigger part of your life.

Millennial Women Talk

“A podcast for inspirational, insightful and resourceful content most relevant to the women of our generation. Sisters Melissa and Stephanie Carcache are on a mission of helping women of their generation navigate the challenging journey of life through a lens of personal relevance. The podcast focuses on meeting the interests, inspirations, and aspirations of millennial women knowing everyone takes their own path to seek fulfillment, and every journey is disparate”


HYBRID ALERT! Audiobook with a Podcast

Listen For The Lie by Amy Tintera

New York Times Bestseller and A Good Morning America Book Club Pick

After Lucy is found wandering the streets, covered in her best friend Savvy’s blood, everyone thinks she is a murderer. It’s been years since that horrible night, a night Lucy can’t remember anything about, and she has since moved to LA and started a new life.

But now the phenomenally huge hit true crime podcast “Listen for the Lie,” and its too-good looking host Ben Owens, have decided to investigate Savvy’s murder for the show’s second season. The truth is out there, if we just listen.



If you are a person who struggles to find time to read, consider audiobooks for your commute, while you are folding laundry or mowing the lawn, or while you are getting your steps in. Your daily walk is a great, dedicated timeslot when you can focus on you from head to toe!

This Is the Honey audiobook edited by Kwame Alexander

A breathtaking poetry collection on hope, heart, and heritage from the most prominent and promising Black poets and writers of our time, edited by #1 New York Times bestselling author Kwame Alexander.

Kwame Alexander may be better known for his moving YA titles like The Crossover and The Door of No Return, but this collection solidifies his place as one of the most prominent Black writers of our time. Listeners will enjoy reflections on the meaning of home and intimate thoughts about identity, love, and relationships. A must-listen for anyone who loves language, this important book includes work by Clint Sith, Elizabeth Acevedo, Jacqueline A. Trimble, and more!

Surrender: 40 Songs, One Story audiobook by Bono

We would include this even if it HADN’T been named one of the best audiobooks of the last year simply because of the RELIEF that occurs when a celebrity bio is about more than sex, drugs, and problems with the law. You want to dislike Bono SO MUCH but hearing him crack himself up during a story about Edge or a youthful transgression makes it impossible to do anything but adore him. And his unflinching, sentimental love for the other three members of U2 is truly something to admire. Song-based chapters means that you can lose yourself in one song a day for over a months-worth of walks!

Stupid Things I Won’t Do When I Get Old audiobook by Steven Petrow

“Old people” hoard. “Old people” have houses stuffed with gigantic, heavy furniture and multiple dish patterns that we don’t want to deal with after they are gone. Do we really need four seasonally themed gravy boats? What even is a “breakfront”, anyway? Why do the elders insist on driving long past the time their reflexes are at their peak? And why is it so hard FOR THEM TO APOLOGIZE? Listen along as the host explores the fears, frustrations, and compromises necessary for survival. Hear how we have become the first generation to care for our aging parents and our own young families at the same time.


You’ll Come Back to Yourself audiobook by Michaela Angemeer

The author and narrator of this powerful book is a queer Canadian poet who inspires her readers to spend quality time with their own feelings. This collection of engaging poetry and touching prose is separated into three sections, each exploring universal themes like depression, body image, broken relationships, and more.


What will be playing through your headphones this spring?

Have we inspired you to do some mental exploring as you go on your physical adventure? Lace up your sneakers, grab your earbuds, and burn calories while you learn something! Most importantly, tell someone your intended route, be aware of your surroundings, and walk with a buddy whenever possible. And maybe skip the true crime audiobook stuff until you are back home!

Alissa S.