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li GRWM for a Mindful Morning Routine

4 minute read

Morning person or not, you can’t deny the magic that arrives with the early hours of the day. The sun rises to fill the sky with new beginnings and experiences. Sure, some mornings are heavier or more rushed than we’d like. But when you have time to move a little slower and more intentionally, the day gets sweeter with every aligned action you take. When you have time to dive deeper into yourself, a morning routine can take your day to the next level. By taking time to center ourselves before jumping into the world, we create space for more inward connection to flow throughout our day. Come GRWM with Mindful Morning Routine equipped with poetry and peace and serenity for get you started off with the perfect day. 

Creating a mindful morning routine has helped me more than nearly any mindfulness practice I’ve tried.

Setting aside time to set my intentions for the day has helped me better align with my goals and desires because I’m operating from a clearer state of mind than ever before. So if you’re in need of a morning routine or looking to edit your tried and true routine, I’ll share my favorite routine ahead!

Get ready with me for a day of writing!

7:00 AM Wake-up

7:05- 7:20 Meditate, preferably facing some source of sunlight. 

  • If you’re able to stand in the sun first thing in the morning, do it! Studies have shown that receiving bright sunlight shortly after waking up increases serotonin levels (to increase your joy), stops melatonin production (so you wake up a little more alert), and helps you sleep better at night as well!
  • Meditation reinforces a strong connection to self, calms the nervous system and helps promote self-trust and peace within. I enjoy sitting in silence for 15 minutes. But if you’re looking for an easier way to begin, here are two of my favorite morning meditations!

10 Minute Morning Gratitude Meditation on Spotify

10 Minute Morning Meditation for Gratitude and Positivity to Start Your Day by Mindful Movement on Youtube

7:25- 7:50 Breakfast 

  • By this time, I’m normally longing for coffee or tea. But it’s important to have breakfast before caffeine to keep the nervous system regulated and thoughts calm. Coffee on an empty stomach is never good (though we all have done it).
  • Short on time? That’s alright, I love prepping my breakfasts ahead of time for when I’m in a pinch! Here’s one of my favorite vids with easy breakfast recipes! 3 Easy & Healthy Breakfast Recipes by Sami Clarke on Youtube

7:50-8:00 Catch up on texts and calls.

  • Ideally, I wait to touch my phone until after all of this…but I’m human. I definitely sneak in some quick scrolling after meditating every now and then! 

8:00-8:30 Journal/ Free-write

Yes, I write before I actually begin writing. Giving myself a place to put all of my random thoughts never fails to quiet my mind! Here are my two favorite writing exercises for mindfulness.

Journal Prompts:

Answer the following however you like!

  1. Three things I’m grateful for:
  2. One thing I’m looking forward to today:
  3. Three words to describe how I want today to feel:
  4. Three things I’m looking forward to accomplishing today:
  5. A word or intention for the day:
  6. A promise to myself for the day:


For 5 minutes or 3 pages (whichever feels best), write whatever comes to mind. Anything and everything. Don’t stress the punctuation or grammar. Just write a continuous train of thought. Once you’re finished, either throw out the pages, put them in an envelope you won’t open or just close your notebook. However you choose to close out this practice, don’t read the pages again. Sometimes you just have to let the egoic mind ramble on for a little before it finally quiets down. Notice how you feel moving throughout the day now!

8:30-8:40 Inspiration Intake

This is just a quick way to digest something, anything you find inspiring! This could be reading a page from a new motivational book, reading a poem, spending time with a new work of art, or dancing around your room to music you’ve never heard!

New inspiration sparks new creation!

8:40-9:00 Schedule today’s movement (gym sesh, a pilates class, a run, whatever your body is craving today!)

9:00-10:00 Shower and get dressed for the day!

10:00 Drop in at my desk or head to my favorite coffee shop ready to write, feeling tuned into my most authentic self and fueled with inspiration for the day!

Enjoyed GRWM Mindful Morning Routine or maybe it wasn’t for you? Find more poetry morning rituals from other poets.