Celebrate Pride Month with LGBTQ Romance Novels

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Celebrate Pride – New LGBTQ Edition

Pride Month 2024 has opened up a whole new bookshelf with LGBTQ romance novels!

It’s officially my favorite time of year! Pride is here, and we are excited to celebrate the LGBTQ community and their unique stories and experiences. Celebrate love and community with us, rainbow-fy your bookshelves, and fill up your monthly TBR with some great LGBTQ romance novels.

We’ve collected new books featuring LGBTQ romances that will sweep you off your feet and have you swooning. Some may even add a bit of extra spice to your reading menu. These are books you are going to want to recommend to your queer friends. #loveislove

Titanic Survivors Book Club by Timothy Schaffert

A National Bestseller!

When looking for a queer romance, there is nothing better than a love triangle. I personally love a slow-burn romance full of longing looks, unrequited feelings, and forbidden love. Set against the background of pre-war Paris, where queer love is considered a “love that dare not speak its name,” three Titanic survivors join a book club. 

After connecting over books and their near-death experience, Yorick, Haze, and Zinnia find themselves caught up in the complexity of love and friendship. If you love the story of Cyrano but want an LGBTQ twist, then this is the book.  

“For readers who enjoy swoony romance with a dash of history” – Kirkus Reviews.



Everyone I Kissed Since You Became Famous by Mae Marvel

Think Casey McQuiston sapphic love story with a pinch of Hollywood drama and a touch of Hallmark movie tropes.

Ever wonder what could have been if you had kissed a certain boy or told your high school bestie that you wanted to be more than friends? Romance in high school is rough, especially if you are questioning your sexuality. This is why we all love a good LGBTQ friends-to-lovers romance. 

As a small-town Wisconsin girlie who moved to the big city, I love watching characters reconnect with their roots. It has all the vibes of a Hallmark Christmas movie without all the snow. Instead, this novel offers palpable chemistry, pinning looks, and a nice helping of spice. 

“Sweetly tender and arrestingly sexy.” –Kate Clayborn, author of Georgie, All Along




You Should Be So Lucky by Cat Sebastian

A romance about baseball in the 1960s? Eh. It’s a slow-burn grumpy/sunshine queer romance? Yes, please! Whether, like me, you don’t care much for sports or you catch every game, this historical fiction romance is a home run. (See, I know some sports stuff.)

What makes this romance novel stand out is how it deals with the themes of grief, loneliness, and frustration without taking away from the love story. Cat Sebastian’s characters are complicated and multi-faceted, not LGBTQ monoliths. Their depth makes the story that much richer and more rewarding as the characters fall in love. 

“Another stunning queer historical romance from a writer at the top of her game.” – Kirkus Review






The Mars House by Natasha Pulley

A queer science fiction novel with a marriage of convenience, political intrigue, and high stakes that could result in the death of an entire Mars colony? Sign me up!

When January immigrated to Tharsis, a terraformed colony on Mars, he probably didn’t think that he would end up in a five-year made-for-the-press marriage with a politician running on an anti-immigration platform. Moreover, he didn’t expect the politician to be kind and compassionate. The only problem is, well, Martian politics are dangerous.

I love a bit of danger, mystery, and romance in my sci-fi. If you are a fan of Tamsyn Muir’s sapphic science fiction series, The Locked Tomb, this queer sci-fi novel is right up your alley. 





Greta & Valdin by Rebecca R. Reilly

A New York Times Editors’ Choice!

Greta and Valdin are queer, multiracial siblings trying to find their way in life. The only problem is that they aren’t doing a great job of it. Their professional lives are rocky, their eccentric Maori-Russian-Catalonian family is pulling them into a world of drama, and their personal lives are in shambles. Yet somehow, Greta and Valdin manage to find love amidst the mayhem.

Reilly does an amazing job of making her characters quirky without being unbelievable or outrageous. The book’s humor reflects the family’s humor, drawing in readers. It’s a great book for fans of Schitt’s Creek or The Royal Tenenbaums.

“If this novel shows us anything, it’s that love — of family, of romantic partners, of community — is most joyful when it’s without limits.” – New York Times

“Laugh-out-loud-funny.” – Harper’s Bazaar 


Go Lightly by Brydie Lee-Kennedy

Millennials, look no further. We have finally found a novel that captures the reality of our lives—or at least the lives of millennials in their mid-20s. This novel follows Ada, a charming but flawed woman who suffers from a bad case of main character syndrome. 

Breakfast at Tiffany’s is one of my favorite classic films, so this modern take on the film with its self-deprecating humor is exactly what I want to see from a bisexual 21st-century Holly Golightly.

“Brydie Lee-Kennedy’s writing is sharp, funny and humane. A passionate chronicler of the ridiculous–in people, in society, in sex–Brydie skewers everyone equally, but always with empathy, warmth and wit.” –Monica Heisey, author of Really Good, Actually


Celebrate Pride 2024 with these great LGBTQ romances. Whether you find it in space, on a baseball field in 1960, at a Paris bookshop, or back home in Wisconsin, love is love.

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