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‘Mortal Follies’ by Alexis Hall Book Review

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Mortal Follies by Alexis Hall is a spicy Sapphic romance!

The social calendar of a young lady of good breeding was exhausting in 1814. Balls to attend, endless trips to the dressmaker, and fending off young men of good breeding. And of course, there are fairy spirits, jealous deities, and actual magical folk like sorcerers and witches that must be avoided at all costs!
Poor Miss Maelys Mitchelmore is debuting into high society, but unfortunately, she has been cursed. Which can have an effect on a young lady’s prospects. The curse manifests itself in small ways at first, like a dress that unmakes itself over the course of a high-profile society event. Maelys manages to escape scandal that night, but as the curse’s effects intensify, Maelys knows that she has to reach out for help before things get…fatal.
If the society gossip is to be believed, Lady Georgianna Landrake, who is best known for perhaps murdering her own family in order to inherit a fortune, might actually be a very powerful enchantress who can lift the curse. Maelys is surprised to find an ally in Lady Landrake, a woman who is accustomed to sideways glances and dark whispers in her wake.
Under Lady Landrake’s covert guidance, Maelys plunges into a world of mystery and magic. She’s determined to discover the identity of the person who cursed her. But spending time with Lady Landrake means that Maelys may still find herself with a tattered reputation…but not for the reasons she thinks. The enchantress may be able to lift the curse, but will that be enough for Maelys? Can it be enough?

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More love for Mortal Follies

“[Mortal Follies] is a lovely, pitch-perfect romance, with an alternate Regency setting that is well developed and has tremendous charm. . . . Part historical, part fantasy, all top-notch queer romance.”Kirkus Reviews (starred review)
“[Mortal Follies] proves a fresh and delightful addition to the queer romance canon. . . . All the interpersonal drama of Jane Austen meets all the complex treachery of Greek mythology. Full of adventure, chaos, magic, and lust, this will enthrall Hall’s fans and new readers alike.”Publishers Weekly (starred review)
“From the book’s puckish narrator—whose sly observations on humanity add another layer of humor to the story—to the whimsically wonderful, witty writing that evokes Jane Austen and Oscar Wilde, Hall . . . [creates] an effervescent, genre-blurring romantic confection that will be utterly irresistible to fans of Patricia C. Wrede, Caroline Stevermer, Mary Robinette Kowal, and Zen Cho.”Booklist
“When Maelys Mitchelmore finds herself the victim of a mysterious curse, she must join forces with the Lady
Georgiana Landrake, rumored to be a witch who killed her family, to undo the vindictive magical attack. Alexis
Hall delivers a clever, spellbinding romance full of wit and magic. A must read!” – Cathy Berner from Blue Willow Bookshop in Houston, TX
“Ever wish Bridgerton had more fairies? Then DO I HAVE A BOOK FOR YOU! Miss Maelys Mithcelmore’s season is off to a bad start, due in part to fae intervention, and she’s forced to seek the help of disreputable company, Lady Georgianna Landrake, a woman with a scandalous reputation and connections to the dangerous magical underworld of gods, goddesses, enchantresses and vindictive magic…and hopefully the source of the curse on Miss Mitchelmore before it proves fatal. Alexis Hall has quickly become one of my favorite authors because of the equal doses of levity, humor, and heart infused in each of his books, and he brings his A-game to this sapphic, magical Regency romance.” –Mackenzie Van Engelenhoven from King’s English Bookshop in Salt Lake City, UT

About the Author: Alexis Hall

Alexis Hall is a pen name for an author who has a day job that is ‘not compatible with writing queer romance’. Alexis (he/him) prefers to stay out of the limelight. We can celebrate him by reading this book but hope for a brighter future where one day he will be comfortable with sharing his life.

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