7 Poets You Should Follow on Instagram

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Instagram is the new home of poetry. Who are you following?

From Rupi Kaur to Nikita Gill, there are many poets creating amazing and beautiful work on social media. This new world of poetry is taking the literary world by storm. Many newly published poets got their start and found their squad on Instagram. If you haven’t started following these poets- start now. 

We’ve listed a few Instagram poets that we love, and you’re sure to love too. So, whether you’re new to instapoetry or just looking for some new faces in your feed, be sure to check them out. 


Alison Malee is a poet and performer from New York. She’s published three poetry collections since 2016 – Shifting Bone, The Day is Ready for You,  and This is the Journey


Tyler Knott Gregson describes himself as a photographer, poet, Buddhist, and traveler. He currently has four books of poetry published, as well as a poetry prompt book and a postcard book.


Robert M. Drake is a very well-known poet and New York Times, bestselling author. His latest book is a collection of poetry co-written by fellow Instagram poet r.h. sin.



Yrsa Daley-Ward is a writer and poet. Bone is her debut poetry collection, she has also published a memoir called The Terrible: A Storyteller’s Memoir. She describes her own work as “stories, some tall, some dark.”


Brian Bilston holds the unofficial title of Poet Laureate of Twitter. He is a poet and a novelist that has published three books since 2018. His poetry collections include You Took the Last Bus Home and Diary of a Somebody, which was published in January. 

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Happy World Book Day everyone. #worldbookday

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Atticus is a semi-anonymous poet and storyteller who is well known in the Instagram poetry world. His work is similar to Rupi Kaur. It is made up of short sentences that pack a punch. He currently has three poetry collections, the latest one came out in 2019.

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With 18 poetry collections to his name since 2017, r.h. Sin is a prolific poet with a massive following. What makes his Instagram truly unique, however, is how much he shares his wife’s poetry. He is extremely proud of her and it shows. We stan a supportive partner!


Now that you have some new poets to follow, who is your typical favorite follow on Instagram? Make sure to keep an eye out for more of little infinite’s featured content as we celebrate poetry, books, and this beautiful hot mess we call life on Instagram and Twitter