R.H. Sin’s Poetry Is The Pep Talk We All Need

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Listen up! R.H. Sin is here to eloquently remind you that you’re strong, worthy, intelligent, capable, and beautiful.

We can’t help but feel like our souls are altered after reading R.H. Sin’s poetry. Poet Reuben Holmes, who goes by the pen name R.H. Sin, forges us a ray of hope in today’s chaotic social climate.


His poems are structured in a way that is both direct and impactful. R.H. Sin and poet R.M. Drake collaborated for a joint collection of poems in the new collection, Empty Bottles Full of Stories. It’s a collaboration that’s in tune with what today’s poetry fans are insatiably craving: honesty and hope.


One of the things we admire most about R.H. Sin is his ability to create content daily without diluting the impact of his words. He intesnely values the relationship between the reader and the writer in a way that is unparalleled. To love yourself fiercely and speak your truth unapologetically are just a few affirmations we could all repeat from Sin.


Keep up with Sin on Instagram (@R.H.Sin) or preorder his newest book Empty Bottles Full of Stories.

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