Tyler Knott Gregson is all Things Poet, Author, and Photographer

tyler knott modern poet, new book miracle in the mundane
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BRB, just going to plan a Tyler Knott Gregson-inspired poetry vacation.

Tyler Knott Gregson shares poems daily on social media with over 357,000 followers, and has been at it since 2009. He shares a haiku on love and work from his daily typewriter series.

Gregson also runs a wedding photography business with his soon-to-be wife, Sarah Linden. This duo travels all over the world capturing fleeting moments. You can catch more of his work on their website chasersofthelight.com.

His book, Miracle in the Mundane, is available for preorder now. We can’t wait to devour it. Knott motivates us to tap into our adventurous spirit. Gregson’s photography shared on his Instagram is giving us a major travel bug.

Keep up with Gregson on Instagram (@tylerknott) or on his website: chasersofthelight.com.

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