Zodiac Self-Care: Scorpio

Scorpio season is here. Let’s embrace our power and emotions.

Scorpios can be misunderstood. While they are often painted as a fiery, defiant, and stubborn sign, that isn’t necessary the case. Yes, they can be all of these things, but it is because they are passionate, emotional, and charismatic. They are a bit complicated, which makes finding the right self-care routine complicated as well.

So, let’s use our zodiac to build our own self-care menu!

Self-Care Routine

Musical Motivation

Music radiates within Scorpio. They are creative souls and music speaks to them. Whether you need a bit of motivation to move, a emotional pick-me-up, or a bit of your own creative inspiration, just throw on your favorite tune.

Listen to Other Scorpios

Naturally creative, it isn’t a surprise that there are a whole host of musical Scorpios. If you are having trouble finding some music that really speaks to you, then try something by your sign sibling.

Frank Ocean – Born October 28th

Lorde – Born November 7th

Attend Concerts

Of course, what is better than experiencing live music? Concerts are a great escape not only for Scorpios, but for all waters signs. While the crowds might become overwhelming for those who are more introverted, if you find the right concert, it can be quite invigorating. Try a virtual show if you prefer to keep it distance.

Here are a few places to find concerts near you. They have even adapted to showcase virtual concerts during the pandemic.


Bandisintown – If you are looking for the latest concerts, festivals, and live shows in your area, then this app is a great place to start. Not only can you follow your favorite artists, but purchase tickets in app. More importantly, you can now watch live streams from all around the world, right in the app.

Songkick – This free app allows you to follow your favorite artists and see where they are performing. What makes this app special is the ability to connect it with your favorite music apps. Based on your musical tastes, Songkick can curate a list of local performances for you to check out.

Stub Hub – Need a ticket, Stub Hub is your best bet. While this app doesn’t focus specifically on concerts, it is a great place to get your hands on sold out tickets. Actually, if you find yourself with an extra ticket, you can sell it in the app as well.

Get Pumped

Turn up the volume and start feeling that beat down in your bones.

Scorpio zodiac self-care tip 1

Keep a Keen Mind

Scorpio signs are known for their quick wit and blunt words. The best way to keep others on their toes is to make sure that you keep a sharp mind. Of course, not everything is about being witty. Scorpio signs love to read people and situations, always keeping their mind moving and staying ahead of problems.

Logic Puzzles

Old school logic puzzles might feel a bit too much like those ridiculous word problems you used to have to solve in math class. These days there are plenty of fun ways to work your logic and reasoning skills. There are countless problem solving games available online, such as Lumosity. Just keep in mind, that like working physical muscles, your mental skills only get stronger once puzzles start getting hard.

Read Mysteries

Even if it isn’t your preferred genre of books, mysteries are a great way to work your brain. Like the characters, start to put together all the clues to see if you can figure out the outcome before the end of the book. Who knows you might just find this genre is more than just Agatha Christie cliches.

Scorpio zodiac self-care tip 2


Laughing can sooth any soul, especially one that needs a bit or revitalization. Scorpios signs are emotional and need laughter to release some of that pent-up emotion. Laughing doesn’t just let out happiness, but it can get rid of negativity too. So, basically, laugh until you feel better!

If you can’t make it to a comedy show, or you’ve already watched all of the Netflix comedy specials, look to your bookshelf. The idea of a book making you literally laugh out loud might seem odd, but that just mean you haven’t found the right books.

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me - Scorpio sign books

Mindy Kaling has lived as many lives has she has witty quips. She started off as the obedient child of immigrants, became an off-Broadway Ben Affleck impersonator, then finally made her way into comedy writing. While many know her for her time on television, there is a lot about her that is just as funny, but not likely to be posted on her Instagram.

What truly makes this book so much more than just another celebrity autobiography is that it is just so completely and shamelessly honest. Kaling isn’t afraid to tell you exactly what she thinks about everything from what makes a good friend to just how famous is the right amount of famous. The best part is that Kaling is able to say exactly what we are all thinking and make us laugh out loud about it.

We Are Never Meeting in Real Life, by Samantha Irby

We Are Never Meeting in Real Life - Samantha Irby

From her wildly funny blog, Bitches Gotta Eat, to her popular episode of Hulu’s Shrill (the pool party episode in season 1), Samantha Irby isn’t afraid to talk about hard, sometimes disgusting, topics and make you laugh until you cry. Author of three essay collections, Irby has no problem telling you everything about her crazy life. From her difficult childhood and how it has made adulting harder than it should be, to her awkward sexual encounters, she bares it all and it is hilarious.

This collection includes essays about: A pilgrimage or romantic vacation she took where she had to scatter her father’s ashes near Nashville. How Costco loot is the only real reason why she still hangs out with her former drinking buddies turned suburban mom friends. Her Bachelorette application that describes her as a 35 year old who could easily pass as 60.

Hyperbole and a Half, by Allie Brosh

Hyperbole and a Half

If you have read any of Brosh’s blog posts, then this book needs to be added to your TBR right now. If you are unfamiliar, Allie Brosh is known for her colorful, illustrated comics and essays. Her essays will not only get you laughing, but you’ll be referencing them in your life regularly. You might even meme about them. Her book includes 10 new essays, as well as revised essays from her blog, including “Dogs Don’t Understand Basic Concepts Like Moving,” and “The God of Cake.”

What makes Brosh truly unique, and the perfect humorist for Scorpios to read is how honestly she approaches her struggle with depression. Her essays “Adventures in Depression,” and “Depression Part Two,” have been hailed as some of the most insightful looks into the disease. As Scorpios know, emotions can sometimes get the best of you, especially if you suffer from depression. So, laugh it out with Brosh and get a little bit of insight in the process.

Scorpio zodiac self-care tip 3


Cooking is a great way for Scorpio signs to let out a bit of steam. Not only do they get indulge their senses in something tasty, but they get to share their creations with others. Also, those more adventurous Scorpios can use cooking and baking as a way to express their creativity and try something new.

Comfort Foods

Of course, not all Scorpios want to try something new. Some just want to stick with what they do and do best. This is by far the definition of comfort food! Not only is the process of cooking comfortable, but the food just makes you fee so comfy after eating it.

If you are looking to add to your comfort food repertoire, then check out some of our favorite cookbooks.

Brown Sugar Kitchen

Brown Sugar Kitchen

The Brown Sugar Kitchen is more than just a restaurant, it is a community at the beating heart of West Oakland. It isn’t just a place to find a delicious dish, but a place to gather, make friends, and enjoy the company of those around you. So, why not bring that home the only way you can, by cooking this classic comfort food for your own community of family and friends.

What better way to express yourself than by sharing your own version of the Brown Sugar Kitchen’s shrimp gumbo or celebrated mac and cheese? No matter what kind of day you are having, this cookbook is filled with recipes that will take the weight off your shoulders. Whether you want to indulge in ribs or stick with something light and healthy like a salad filled with spring veggies and cucumber-buttermilk dressing, you’ll feel full and relaxed after this meal.

Eat Joy: Stories & Comfort Food from 31 Celebrated Writers

Eat Joy Cookbook

Scorpios are known to be prone to deeply feeling their emotions. This is one of the reasons why comfort is an important part of self-care for this sign. Food is a perfect place to find comfort and this book explores how food can help us cope with dark times in our lives.

These illustrated essays and recipes are written by well-known writers. Each tell a tale about how food helped them not only better understand their emotions at the time, but also help them heal. These personal revelations only add to the dishes by offering the compassion and hope behind each meal.

Get Back to Nature – Organic

Not matter your sign, getting back to nature can be extremely refreshing. This is especially true for Scorpios, even more so if a body of water is involved. While the easiest way to reconnect with nature is to simply spend time outside, Scorpios can also find this connection through food. Start switching your food to organics or search out farm to table restaurants. Go straight to the source – the earth.

Scorpio zodiac self-care tip 4

Be Creative

Scorpios are strongest in terms of creativity. Being creative is the best way for them to release their energy, the best way for them to relax, and the best way for them to express themselves. Scorpios are known for transforming themselves throughout their lifetime and being creative is how they achieve it.

Fellow Scorpios

Find inspiration from fellow Scorpios. Whether you are a writer, poet, or artist, you can find inspiration from all types of art and use it in your own creative endeavors. Here are some well known Scorpio creatives.

Bob Ross – Painter and TV Legend

This TV icon not only taught us all how to paint, but that our mistakes won’t ruin our work. His show, the joy of painting, still inspires today. His official Instagram account is also a welcome pick-me-up.

Neil Gaiman – Author

Known for his truly unique stories, Gaiman’s final rule of writing states that if you write with enough assurance and confidence, you’re allowed to do whatever you like. Simply put, write what needs to be written.

Stardust, by Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman Stardust review

Nothing embodies Gaiman’s writing advice more than the premise for Stardust. The entire story hinges on the fact that an entirely different world exists on the other side of a wall. There is no description or reason about why it’s there, it just exists. Gaiman wanted to tell a story of what happens when someone crosses to the other side of the wall – so he did.

Tristan Thorn promises to bring back a fallen star for his beloved. The only problem is that the star has fallen on the other side of the wall, which divides the English countryside from the strange world of magic beyond. As you might imagine, adventure ensues.

Amanda Lovelace – Poet

Named Goodreads Poet of the Year, Lovelace is an instapoet who is all about poetry and living her best scorpio life. Best known for her “women are some kind of magic” series, her poems are relatable and honest. Her work will certainly inspire poets and creatives alike.

Break Your Glass Slippers, by Amanda Lovelace

Lovelace recently published her first collection of a new series. Named “you are your own fairy tale,” this series starts off with poems all about facing those who don’t see your worth. Much like her other series, Lovelace draws inspiration from fairy tales. This first book features imagery from Cinderella, a story filled with personal doubt. This collection is all about making sure you know that you are the most important character in your story. Everyone else is just a footnote.

Sylvia Plath – Poet

Considered one of the greatest English speaking poets of the twentieth century, Sylvia Plath is known for her collections of dark confessional poetry. While she rarely talked about her craft to the public, creative minds can learn a lot from her. For example, she was known for keeping a journal and treating your art as work.

The Collected Poems Sylvia Plath

The Collected Poems of Sylvia Plath

This collection of poems includes 224 of her post 1956 career, as well as around 50 from her earlier days. What makes this collection special is that it sets all of her poems in chronological order. This allows her fellow Scorpios, as well as her admirers, to see how her voice changed over time.

There are also bound collections of Plath’s journals available. While her original journals were published in 1982, her husband had them heavily abridged. However, many of her unabridged journals have since been published.

Try a new craft

Creativity doesn’t have to come in the form of writing or art, however. Scorpios are at their best when they can put all of their energy and passion into creating something they enjoy. So, just think about it, what do you want to create?

Skillshare – Online classes for creative and curious people

Skillshare is the perfect app for a Scorpio looking for a way to express themselves creatively. Have you considered writing, photography, calligraphy, or sewing? Don’t know where to start? Start with Skillshare and it’s huge collection of video classes that you can watch anywhere and learn at your own pace.

Masterclass – Online courses taught by professionals

Ever wanted to learn how to write from Joyce Carol Oates, or learn how to cook from Gordon Ramsey? Then check out Masterclass. While more expensive than skillshare, Masterclass is similar in that it offers online video courses in a number of different fields. So, you can express your creativity while learning from a master in their feild.

Scorpio zodiac self-care tip 5

Treat yourself and incorporate these ideas into your routines. If you’re a Libra sign, what is your self-care routine? Let us know on our socials and share it with your fellow Libras.

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