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Celebrity Poetry Collections: Halsey

I Would Leave Me If I Could bares the soul of Halsey.

Anyone even slightly familiar with Halsey knows that she is much more than just a Grammy-nominated, platinum-selling musician – though those are impressive achievements on their own. Through her music, art, and activism, it’s clear that Halsey is a force to be reckoned with.

While many would say that her music alone is poetry to their ears, it turns out that she can now officially add poet to her list of accomplishments. Her collection of poetry everything we could want and more.


I Would Leave Me If I Could, by Halsey

Full of longing, love, and the nuances of living with a mental illness, this debut collection can only be written by Halsey. Considered more “hand grenades than confessions,” these autobiographical poems take what is conventional about being a feminist and dismantles it all. With topics ranging from doomed relationships, family ties, and sexuality, she is raw, and passionate in this collection.

One of the key topics of Halsey’s collection is her struggle with mental health. As with her music, she isn’t afraid to make references to her bipolar disorder. It makes her poetry honest and authentic.


One of the unique parts of Halsey’s collection is her original artwork gracing the cover. Of course, this isn’t the only art she has shared with her fans. She regularly shares her original doodles and drawings on her Instagram account.


Of course, outside of art, poetry, and music, Halsey is a very outspoken and passionate activist. She supports Black Lives Matter, the Women’s March, LGBTQIA+ rights, as well as many more social issues. Not only has she used her platform to showcase artists of color through the Black Creators Fund, but she has also protested alongside BLM protesters.

Back in 2018, she shared an emotional poem about sexual assault during the Women’s March, see video here.

Whether she is singing, drawing, or writing poetry, Halsey brings her passion and creativity to life. She is an advocate, a feminist, and a wordsmith. Her poetry is only one aspect of her creative force, and it is more than worthy of a place on your bookshelf.

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