Poet Billy Collins Now Offers a Masterclass on Reading and Writing Poetry

Billy Collins Teaches Reading and Writing Poetry for MasterClass
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Former U.S. Poet Laureate Billy Collins is America’s Favorite Poet, and could be your favorite poetry instructor.

If you’ve ever dreamed of sitting for a poetry class with former U.S. Poet Laureate Billy Collins, your day is about to brighten up. In a 20-part online course offered through the MasterClass platform, Collins approaches poetry from every angle.

Collins starts the course with an introduction that speaks to his love of poetry, and the pleasure it brings us. He digs deep into writing poetry, touching on everything from writing processes to subject exploration. In one lesson, he challenges you to stretch your preconceived limits by shifting directions and playing with your readers. In others, he approaches facets of the art that he himself struggles with (rhyming) and shares tools that impact the cadence of a poem beyond the rhyme and meter.

He brings with him Marie Howe to discuss poets and specific pieces of work, and challenges poets to step into their voices, personas, and humor. The course is rounded out with installments of student discussion, and ends with Collins issuing an invitation to those who are willing: to write the poetry living in your heart and mind.

MasterClass is not a free platform (there’s a membership fee), but the trailer is available on YouTube, and the platform does boast curriculums with other storied writers working today, across various media and on a wide range of topics.