Why Tess Guinery Is A Heaping Helping Of #Goals

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Tess Guinery is an artist turned author, creative director, wife, mother of three, graphic designer, social media consultant, painter, and the list goes on. You read that right, the list goes on.

Her debut book, The Apricot Memoirs, is a self-published book of prose and poetry. It’s also the result of a sabbatical she took in the name of creativity. She stepped away from her thriving design business to create and grow as much as possible, having the broad goal of self-development without the weight of specific expectations.

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Be brave sweet love 🌈✨

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Let go. Let God 🌙✨

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Guinery mixes poetry and lifestyle content in her art. Her Instagram feed is one for the books (no pun intended), the warm aesthetic matches the encouraging words she spills out in The Apricot Memoirs.

Guinery’s strong sense of style makes her work easily recognizable. She takes meticulous pride in each aspect of The Apricot Memoirs, from the apricot color of the pages to her original artwork featured throughout. Each copy of The Apricot Memoirs is printed as a solo entity, like an art form.

Her mantra is one we can get behind: See beauty in everything. This sensibility speaks to Guinery’s automatic BFF qualities. By the end of her book, we felt like we’ve known her all our life. Lucky us.

Keep up with Guinery on Instagram (@tessguinery) or on her website: tessguinery.co.