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Poetry Prompts For Your Zodiac

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Zodiac Poetry Prompts

Poetry Prompts to get you writing inspired by your zodiac sign.

Poetry prompts are a great way to overcome writer’s block or simply get your creative juices flowing. Today, we’re drawing inspiration from astronomy, featuring zodiac signs.

Each sign is different, offering each of us the opportunity to write about a subject that we might not have considered in the past. Ahead, poetry prompts not only created specifically for each sign but also to challenge you to awaken various aspects of your personality.

Be honest. Be creative. Use these poetry prompts how you wish to get the most out of your writing. Time to grab a pen and get going!

poetry prompts - journaling

Aries: March 21 to April 20

Aries are bold, so write a poem that makes a clear and bold statement. Put emotion into it. Make the statement important or emotional. Challenge yourself to make a statement that you haven’t told anyone.

Write a haiku that makes a statement, but rely heavily on metaphor.

This fiery sign is full of passion, so create a poem that illustrates intensity. What does it feel like or look like? How is it expressed? What does it mean to you?

Taurus: April 21 – May 20

Tauruses are considered one of the most resilient signs. Write a poem about what resiliency means to you. How have you been resilient in your life or what is an example of resiliency you’ve seen?

Taurus loves luxury. Write about a luxury in your life. What defines luxury to you?

Create a poem describing a soothing and serene location. This doesn’t have to be a place you have been. In contrast, it can be a place you wish you could visit or your fantasy location.

Gemini: May 21 – June 20

Gemini’s tend to be hyper thoughtful with their words. Challenge yourself to write a poem expressing a vulnerable and complicated feeling using as few words as possible.

Write a stream of consciousness poem. Gemini’s express their emotions externally, so channel that into this poem.

It’s fitting that Gemini’s are called social butterflies because they tend to excel in transformation. Write about change and transformation. Consider transformations in your life and what those moments mean to you. Bonus: Include the word butterfly in your poem.

Cancer zodiac sign comfortable

Cancer: June 21 to July 20

Cancers are highly intuitive. Write a poem about listening to, and following your intuition.

Cancers can be self-protective and hide in their shells – break free a little. Write a poem describing yourself – not physically – to someone you don’t know. Let this person see the real you, time to get vulnerable.

Think about your comfy place, then write about the feeling of comfort. Is comfort something you find in a person, an object, or is it just something your feel in your bones? When are you most comfortable?

Leo: July 21 to Aug 20

Leos are creative souls, channel your inner artist and write a poem about how creativity feels. Is it a physical feeling, emotional, or mental? What makes you feel most creative?

Regal Leos are perseverant, sometimes stubborn, and don’t like to fail. So, consider this challenge, write a love poem to something you’ve failed at. What did you learn from the experience?

Now, let’s think about positivity. Write a poem about optimism. What does it mean to you? How do you express it? Do you believe in it? How do optimism and confidence differ for you?

Virgo: Aug 21 to Sept 20

Virgos are practical and logical. So, let’s strip that away a bit with free writing. Follow your stream of consciousness and free write a poem. Don’t think about mechanics and don’t edit anything until you feel you are done. Just write and see what happens.

Being detail-oriented is ideal for Virgos. Let’s put it to the test! Write a poem describing someone perfectly using as few words as possible.

This earth sign loves food – more so than other signs. Get descriptive and write about food. Describe the smells, tastes, textures, and visuals. Describe what it is like to make it or eat it, or how it makes you feel afterwards.

Libra Balance

Libra: Sept 21 to Oct 20

Libras are scales, so they enjoy balance and harmony. Time to tip the scales. Write a poem about something that is chaotic, but make the structure of the poem visually – and/or tonally – balanced.

Think about your loved ones. Write a poem about or to them. Loved ones are special to Libras, so make it sentimental, as if it is the only poem you will ever share with them.

Art and beauty are important to Libra, write a poem exploring what aesthetes mean to you. Consider the question such as who qualifies something as art? Does it have to be beautiful? Why?

Scorpio: Oct 21 to Nov 20

Scorpios like to look at things strategically as if life were a game of chess. Write a poem about overcoming an obstacle as if you were playing a game of chess. If you aren’t familiar with chess, write it as though you are taking strategic action. Bonus: Include the word chess in your creation.

Write a poem about intimacy. Scorpios find comfort in emotional and physical intimacy. What does it mean to you? How do you accept or show intimacy?

Write about something poisonous in your life. Can you be poisonous in your life or is there something (or someone) in your life that is poisonous? How does it impact you?

Sagittarius: Nov 21 to Dec 20

Sagittarius are born explorers who find boundaries constricting. Write a poem examining your relationship with the boundaries set on you. Are they physical, emotional, or possibly financial?

Think about wanderlust, then write a poem about what it feels like physically. Is it heavy or light? Cold or warm? Where do you feel it in your body?

Sagittarius are known to have a great sense of humor. Get comedic and write a limerick!

Zodiac poetry prompt wanderlust

Capricorn: Dec 21 to Jan 20

Capricorns are known for navigating between the emotional and physical realms exceptionally. Explore that idea by writing a poem about a powerful emotion as if it were something physically happening to you.

While most Capricorns are serious, some can be fairly mischievous. Embrace that part of your sign and write a poem about something or someone mischievous.

Write a poem about compassion. Consider what it means to you and how you express it.

Aquarius: Jan 21 to Feb 20

Those that fall into the Aquarius sign are especially passionate about social change. Write a poem about what social change means to you. Why is it important? How can it come about? What would you reform?

Start thinking about a place, but don’t just focus on the big picture, which is a common trait for an Aquarius. Write a poem about a place but start at a micro level and work up to the bigger picture with each line.

Call it free-spirited or rebellious, but be sure call it an Aquarian. Write a poem about being a “rebel at heart.”

Pisces: Feb 21 to March 20

Pisces live in a world of ideas, balancing between the world of fantasy and reality. Write a poem about the line between those two worlds.

Channel your dreams, even if you don’t remember the specifics. Write a poem about your fantasy or frame your poem like a dream.

Write a poem about the concept of “rose-colored glasses.”

zodiac poetry prompt

Of course, astrology isn’t just about sun signs. Check your birth chart, then explore the poetry prompts for your other signs too. Let your creativity flow! Keep an eye out for more poetry prompts from little infinite in the future.

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