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Zodiac Self-Care: Cancer Season

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It’s time for infinite self-care for our favorite little crabs.

We all know that our zodiac sign is about more than just our horoscope. It helps us gain insight into who we are and why we have certain traits, habits, and personality quirks. Why not use that to better appreciate ourselves?

Let’s put a zodiac touch on our self-care routine.

Cancers are sensitive, emotional, and responsible. They achieve their goals at their own pace, appreciate nature over crowds, and find joy in cooking for loved ones. So, turn all that energy into self-care practices that relax, recharge, and reaffirm your goals.

Affirmations, Affirmations, Affirmations.

We all need a little encouragement sometimes, but Cancers, you thrive with affirmations. They are key to getting things done and reaching your goals! Here are some places to find a bit of motivation.

Badass Affirmations: The Wit and Wisdom of Wild Women, by Becca Anderson

Even a badass needs affirmations, and this is where you’ll find the best of them. When you need motivation, just open up this book for wise words from strong women. Throw out the record playing the same self-deprecating comments on loop in your head, and remind yourself that you are capable. You can reach your goals, especially with a little help from these powerful affirmations. So, next time you feel drained or unmotivated, just flip open this book and remind yourself how amazing you are.

Artsy Affirmations

Artsy Affirmations posts daily affirmations right to your Insta feed. So, all you have to do is login and get motivated. Also, all of the posts are gorgeous!

Flex and Stretch – It’s Yoga Time

As a water sign, Cancers do well with exercise that focuses on fluid movement and stretching. Yoga is the perfect combination of both! You can stretch out those muscles, get your blood pumping, and easily move from one position to another.

Yoga for Everyone: 50 Poses for Every Type of Body, by Dianne Bondy

Every person has a different body, but that doesn’t mean that everyone can’t do yoga. Yoga for Everyone offers you yoga for all body types. No matter your age, weight, height, or physical ability, anyone can do all fifty poses in this book. If you are new to yoga or have been burned by a bad yoga experience in the past, start your new practice here. Yoga is meant to be enjoyed, live your best life! Yes, even if this means getting out of your comfort zone.

Get Moving!

Cancers can find it difficult to stay motivated when it comes to exercise – who doesn’t really? So, we have a playlist made specifically for Cancers. Let’s get motivated and moving. Dance off?

Spend Time Near the Water

Cancer is a water sign. So, Cancers feel reinvigorated when spending time near water. However, you can’t always find a beach or lake to chill out next to. But, we have an idea. Throw a few of these beach reads in your tote. Now you can turn any park, coffee shop, or your own cozy reading nook into a beach.

The Jetsetters, by Amanda Eyre Ward

Charlotte Perkins might be 70 years old, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t know a thing or two about being sexy. After her scandalous essay wins her the Become a Jetsetter contest, she uses this opportunity to reunite her family. So, the family packs their bags – and their baggage – to head on a trip from Greece to Spain via cruise ship. Nothing bad ever happens on a cruise ship, right? But, can four adults with such a complicated past find peace and fix their broken family? Or will they just open old wounds and push each other even further away?

The Island of Sea Women, by Lisa See

Two best friends from different backgrounds are living their best life on the Korean island of Jeju. Mi-ja and Young-sook even become a part of the island’s all-female diving collective, a job that is both exciting and dangerous. However, as the two grow up, their differences strain their relationship. On top of their personal warring, the island soon stands between two warring empires during WWII. Can their friendship last, or will their past finally break them apart? Spanning the course of decades, The Island of Sea Women transports you through time to the beaches of the East China sea.

A Song Below Water, by Bethany C. Morrow

Who doesn’t love mermaids? This YA novel takes you to the shores of Portland Oregon where Sirens are secret and mermaids are real. Tavia and Effie are best friends who are struggling with family issues. Tavia must hide her siren powers or risk the consequences, while Effie battles literal demons. On top of it all, the girls have to face the troubles of growing up as young black women. When a murder trial creates chaos, Tavia and Effie find themselves in danger with nowhere to run.

These are only some of the many ways Cancers can use their sign to strengthen their self-care. How do you use your zodiac to relax? What part of your self-care routine speaks to you as a Cancer? Let us know on our socials and be sure to share with your fellow Cancer signs.

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Featured photo by Josh Rangel on Unsplash

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