Celebrity Poetry Collections: Lana Del Rey

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Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass is a beautiful combination of poetry and sound.

Music and poetry are similar, but not every musician is a poet. Lana Del Rey, however, is a powerhouse of both. The music maven regularly posts poems on her Instagram, but will now have her very own collection of poetry.

As you might guess, Del Rey isn’t going to just make a simple poetry collection. No, she is going to make it so much more. While you normally wouldn’t need to purchase both a physical and audio copy of a book, this collection is the exception.

Violet Bent Backwards over the grass - lana del rey

Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass, by Lana Del Rey

Named after the first poem in the collection, Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass is the debut collection of poems by musician Lana Del Rey. This 30 poem collection is full of Lana’s typewritten poetry alongside plenty of her original photos. It’s like a sample of her Instagram bound in hardcover. If you’ve ever wondered what Del Rey is like in real life, this is a look into her unguarded spirit.

They are eclectic and honest and not trying to be anything other than what they are and for that reason I’m proud of them, especially because the spirit in which they were written was very authentic. – Lana Del Rey


What makes this collection truly unique is that the audiobook version is a musical spectacular. Del Rey will perform a small selection of poems alongside music by Jack Antonoff. This makes this both a spoken word audiobook and an album. The audio version of the book will be available before the print version, which makes it a perfect sneak peek.

Insta poetry

Dubbed the “Violet” collection by fans, this book will have more than 30 poems. That is a lot to keep under wraps and a lot to wait for. But luckily for fans, Del Rey has posted a number of her poems on Instagram over the last couple of years.

Here are just a few of her poems, all typed up in her signature style.

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A haiku

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Past the bushes Cypress thriving

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As if this poetry collection couldn’t get any better, Del Rey has promised that half the proceeds will benefit Native American organizations across the country. One such charity is The Navajo Water Project, which brings running water and solar power to more than 230 Navajo families. So, if you needed another reason to get your hands on both the book and audiobook, know you will be helping families in need.

Hopefully, this won’t be the last we see of Del Rey’s poetry.

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