Best Gifts for the Romance Reader in your Life

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What do you get the romance reader in your life? Here are some great gift ideas!

It’s time to start thinking of what to get the romance reader in your life. Romance readers are loyal fans who aren’t ashamed to proclaim their love for their favorite books. But what do you give to a book fan who likely has an ever-growing TBR?

Don’t let the stress of gift-giving get the better of you. There are amazing bookish gifts out there for romance readers. Many of them aren’t books at all!

Here are nine great gifts for the romance reader in your life that will make their reading experience better, help them show off their love of romance novels, and grow their TBR even more.

Kindle, Tablet, or E-Reader

If the romance reader in your life doesn’t have an e-reader or tablet, then this is the perfect time to invest in one! E-readers, such as the Amazon Kindle, are a great way to take an entire library of books with you anywhere you go. What’s more, ebooks are less expensive than physical books and can be rented from your local library through the Libby app.

Having instant access to their favorite reads, book boyfriends, and beloved series is a great gift for bookish friends. They’ll never have to worry about which book to bring with them on vacation, during their commute, or anywhere they might get the chance to read just a bit.

Kindle Unlimited Membership

If your favorite romance reader has a Kindle or uses the Kindle app, consider gifting a Kindle Unlimited Membership. This monthly subscription gives users access to free e-books, audiobooks, and online magazines. The catalog includes more than a million titles and is ever-expanding.

Romance readers will instantly have access to thousands and thousands of romance novels, short stories, and audiobooks. Fans can search the catalog by genre to help them find a new title they are sure to love or search specifically for a book they have been dying to read.

Romance Reader Clothing

Jordandene T-Shirt

Bookish clothing is always a safe bet when buying gifts for readers. Fans of romance love repping quotes and references to their favorite books and letting everyone know that they like it romantic, spicy, and happily ever after.

Companies such as Out of Print are known for their bookish clothes, but there are also plenty of small businesses out there selling great romance-themed clothing as well. Woman-owned clothing business, Jordandene, offers a great collection of subtle romance wear. Their text-based designs are classy, nerdy, and empowering, including one that says, “Read Romance, Fight the Patriarchy.”

Reading Journal

A reading journal is a great gift for romance readers. While sites like Bookfinity are a great way to track reading goals online, sometimes it’s nice to have a more personal place to put your bookish thoughts and feelings. Reading journals are a great place to write book reviews and reflections without having to post them publically.

Reading journals come in all shapes and sizes but are similar in many ways. There are pages to log books, write reviews and ratings, and track reading goals. Many times there are also places to write out a to-read list. There are great guided reading journals available online and in bookstores, as well as digital versions available online for those who prefer journaling digitally.

Ember Mug

Ember Mug

What is cozier than reading a romance book on a rainy or snowy day with a warm cup of coffee? Another great gift for any book lover in your life is an Ember Mug. This electronic smart mug keeps your drink hot for hours. You can even adjust the heat of the mug with your phone to find the perfect temperature.

Whether they prefer coffee, hot chocolate, or tea with your spicy reads, this mug will help any romance reader to sink right into their book. What’s more, it’s always nice to have a warm beverage during the holiday season.

Tablet Pillow

While not specifically for romance readers, this gift if for any book lover in your life. All readers want to be comfortable when reading, but it can be hard to find the right sitting position or how to hold the book. A tablet pillow is a perfect tool for staying comfy.

While these pillows are advertised to hold your tablet or e-reader, they also work great for holding books. Slip your book into place, and the lip holds the pages open while the back supports the spine. This frees up your hands and keeps your fingers from hurting from keeping the book open for so long. It’s perfect for long reading sessions on rainy days.

Romance Novel Board Game

For romance readers who also love board games, this gift is a must-have. Lizzy Loves Darcy: A Jane Austen Matchmaking Game is the perfect combination of romance novels, classic literature, and gaming fun. This game marries the charm of Pride and Prejudice with the excitement of Chutes and Ladders.

Players make their way across the board, trying to be the first to make the perfect match by reaching the golden ring at the end. However, in order to make the match, they must first answer Jane Austen trivia questions. Will players rise the social ladders to the top, or fall to scandal?

Audiobook Subscription

Sadly, being able to sit down and read a physical book isn’t always possible. Luckily audiobooks are a great way to read on the go. So, a great gift for a romance reader on the go are audiobook credits from partners with bookstores to provide users with over 150,000 audiobooks. As a customer, this means when you purchase an audiobook from, you purchase it through your local indie bookstore. You can search for local bookstores or women-owned, LGBTQ-owned, indigenous-owned, and black-owned bookstores to support with your credits.

Book Box Subscription

For the romance reader who loves to display their favorite books, a book subscription box is a great gift for the holidays. Many subscriptions offer beautiful exclusive hardcover books with unique dust jackets, foiled covers, and sprayed edges. Some also offer signed books.

Romance readers will especially enjoy The Bookworm Box. Created by romance author Colleen Hoover, The Bookworm Box donates all its profits to charity, and you get a great new romance novel every month. For eco-conscious readers, try Recycle Read Repeat. This subscription will send gently used books to readers based on their reading preferences. For romance readers interested in the latest releases, consider The Book Drop. Run by a woman-owned bookstore, it strives to bring independent bookstores to you.

These are only a few amazing gifts for romance readers out there. Check out our book lists, romance novel reviews, and Romance Reads newsletter for book recommendations.

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