Gifts For the Poetry Lover in Your Life

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It’s that time of year. Find the perfect gift for the readers and writers in your life.

Do you know a writer, reader, or poet who is always hard to buy gifts for? Well, don’t be discouraged this year. We have put together a collection of perfect gifts for poetry lovers, romance readers, and any writer in your life.

From books about craft to novels for inspiration, from the latest popular romance novels to new poetry collections, little infinite has got you covered.

For Writers

Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert

Gifts for poetry lovers - Big Magic

What is better than a book written to inspire others to write? While Elizabeth Gilbert’s most famous work inspired people to find themselves through travel, eating, praying, and loving, this book is for creators. This book is one of many perfect gifts for poetry lovers, writers, and readers alike. Sharing her own experiences, Gilbert teaches readers how to connect with the “big magic.”

What is “big magic?” According to Gilbert, big magic is the universe sparking creativity. It’s when an idea finds a writer and asks to be brought to life. Big magic is when life points you in the right direction. All you have to do is go.

Part pep-talk, part writing advice, part personal narrative, Gilbert uses her own experiences to share her wisdom and perspectives with fellow creatives. From her time writing books that never sold, to accidentally creating a smash hit, she shares her ups and downs, highs and lows. But most importantly, she shows readers that creating takes time, practice, and patience. It takes courage to continue, to fail, and to let go. It takes passion, persistence, and a bit of magic to face your creative fears.

The Practicing Poet, by Diane Lockward

The Practicing Poet, by Diane Lockward

If your loved one writes poetry, then consider a book to help advance their art. Diane Lockward collects thirty short craft essays to help poets learn more about the craft of creating verse. Discussing everything from “Finding the Best Words,” to “Achieving Tone,” writers can hone their work. What’s more, Lockward offers advice for revising, refining, and, eventually, publishing poetry.

Of course, a book on craft is much more interesting if it’s interactive. Each essay is followed by a poem reflecting the lesson learned, as well as poetry prompts for writers to practice their new skills. Lockward also included ten recyclable bonus prompts and a list of advice from accomplished poets throughout the book.

Whether for an independent poet, a poetry student, or a writer interested in the advanced techniques of writing poetry, this book is a must-have. Part textbook, part prompt journal, part poetry collection, Lockward passes on her knowledge to help other poets perfect their craft. Lockward’s books make perfect gifts for poetry lovers.

For Romance Readers

The Love Hypothesis, by Ali Hazelwood

The Love Hypothesis, by Ali Hazelwood - gifts for poetry lovers

In an effort to save face, Olive Smith kisses a stranger. At the time, this third-year Ph.D. student didn’t really care who it was that she kissed, as long as it convinced her friend that Olive was in a relationship. However, actions have consequences and Olive is about to feel them. She just kissed Adam Carlson, a hot-shot professor, and known jerk.

After a long conversation about how her actions constitute sexual assault, Adam agrees to not write her up. Actually, he seems to be sympathetic about Olive’s situation. To her surprise, Olive manages to convince Adam to start a fake relationship. She gets to convince her friend she is dating someone, and he can show the university he isn’t a flight risk. The only problem, Adam might not be as heartless as his reputation suggests, and Olive might have gotten in over her head.

The perfect blend of romance and science, Ali Hazelwood has written a novel that not only highlights women in STEM but also turns on the spice. This fake dating trope, fueled by the sunshine versus gloom personalities of the characters, is a fresh take on the story. What’s more, Hazelwood’s incredible style and flourish will have readers swooning, embarrassed, and completely enamored with Olive and Adam. Adorable romances such as this are great gifts for poetry fans and book lovers.

A Certain Appeal, by Vanessa King

A Certain Appeal, by Vanessa King

For fans of classic romances, this modern take on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice checks all the boxes. This version of Lizzy Bennet, however, is less interested in dancing and more concerned with her job at the Meryton burlesque show.

After leaving her career as an interior designer behind, Liz Bennet spends her days as an executive assistant and her nights as a stage kitten. She loves her newfound family at Meryton, Manhattan’s top-tier burlesque venue. But love was the last thing on her mind when she caught the eye of wealth manager Will Darcy.

Despite a rough first impression, that may have involved the words “tolerable” in regards to Liz’s looks, Liz and Will keep finding themselves in each other’s company. While their conversations get heated, their chemistry is undeniable. However, everything starts to fall apart when a stranger blows into Meryton spreading accusations against Will. What’s more, the venue’s fate is now in jeopardy. Now Liz has to decide who to trust and hope she can save the stage.

Love, Chai, and Other Four Letter Words, by Annika Sharma

Love, Chai, and Other Four Letter Words, by Annika Sharma

Kiran’s sister disobeyed the rules and brought shame to the family. Now, Kiran’s only goal is to be the “good daughter.” She made a promise that she would never be like her sister, she’d never make the same mistakes. Actually, Kiran went as far as to promise to be twice the daughter her parents needed, to make up for the loss.

Every day Nash watches as parents neglect or abandon their children. He is a psychologist and he sees the patterns everywhere. He knows them well because he lived through them. The parents who were supposed to care for him were absent. But, that doesn’t matter, it’s easier to be alone after all, right?

Kiran is supposed to follow the plan and marry an Indian man. Nash is determined to be alone. But what if these two decided to stop listening to their heads, and listen to their hearts? Anika Sharma offers a story of what happens in life while people are making plans. This will-they-won’t-they romance is perfect for any romance reader.

For Poetry Readers

Books and Libraries: Poems, by Andrew Scrimgeour

Gifts for poetry lovers - Books and Libraries: Poems

Like many devoted readers, poets find themselves just as awestruck by shelves piled high with books. Some go as far as writing about them. This poetry anthology is a testament to the inspiration books and libraries have been to poets for centuries.

Whether is it the beauty of the binding, or the wonder of the endless possibilities inside, books capture the imagination of the world. Emily Dickinson described them as frigates that “take us lands away.” Others, such as Alberto Rios, see them as a means to better understand the world, culture, and history better. He writes that books are “the deli offerings of civilization itself.”

Of course, places for books, such as libraries also offer up inspiration. Billy Collins says that one can hear “a choir of authors murmuring inside their books,” when writing about libraries and bookshops. This poetry anthology is no exception. Filled with the verse of Dante, Shakespeare, Goethe, Wordsworth, Pablo Neruda, and Maya Angelou, just to name a few, these poems belong on the shelves of any book lover and makes perfect gifts for poetry fans.

Such Color: New and Selected Poems, by Tracy K Smith

Such Color by Tracy k Smith - gifts for poetry lovers

Fans of modern poetry are likely to have heard of Tracy K. Smith. This Pulitzer Prize-winning poet was US Poet Laureate from 2017 to 2019 already has four collections under her belt. This collection spans her incredible career so far while including brand new poetry. This is a must-have collection for any poetry reader.

Smith asks big questions in her poetry. What’s more, her poems span an incredible range of style and content. Each of her collections moves further and further outward, from the body and death to space, to language itself.  While Smith’s work addresses violence, death, and other dark topics, her work always exudes vibrancy and hope.

This collection brings together poems from all of Smith’s work, while also introducing the world to new poems. Her new work addresses America’s historical and contemporary racism and injustice. What’s more, her new poems encourage readers to rise up and love one another. Use love as resistance to everything and anything that impedes it.

Winter Recipes from the Collective: Poems, by Louise Gluck

Winter Recipes from the Collective: Poems, by Louise Gluck

In her thirteenth book, Louise Gluck once again excels in the art of poetry. This collection showcases her talent of building rhythm, song, and lyric into her written work that allows the entire collection to feel like a piece of music. This is a collection that only Gluck could have written and it allows readers, new and old, to appreciate her unique style.

Much like in her collection Wild Iris, there is a chorus to these poems. While the speakers are human, they are also a spectral and ancient presence throughout the work. While each poem is a unique piece of art on its own, common themes carry throughout the entire collection. This allows for a different experience depending on how a reader approaches the work.

But what makes this collection truly unique is Gluck’s ability to take her experiences over her lifetime and paint them in this exceptional way. What might seem as mundane as the ingredients of a sandwich hold just as much weight in this collection as the passing of a sister. Happiness is just as important as sadness.

These are only a few of the many amazing gifts for poetry lovers out there. Make sure to check out our other book lists for even more inspiring gifts for poetry lovers.

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