About little infinite

To millennial #instapoet fans and creators, little infinite is the one poetry lifestyle site that celebrates the intersection between classic prose and modern explorations of life through verse. We’re dedicated to cultivating a community of creative spirits, and curating content for our readers that explores the new and evolving world of modern poetry.

Like our readers, we care deeply about documenting and capturing life experience through prose. Current events, news, and issues of sexuality, gender, orientation, race, and economic status all resonate with us (and will be reflected in the stories we publish).

Our commitment to our readers is that our contributions to those conversations will be informed, well-crafted, and aesthetically-minded.

We take a fun, accessible, witty, and intelligent approach to poetry. We speak from a place of empowerment and information. We look to cultivate connections between people and ideas, and to celebrate the experience of life– the joys as well as the struggles.

little infinite - poetry for life