You Are Here: Ada Limón’s Poetic Ode to the Natural World

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“I believe the way we respond to this crucial moment on our planet could define humanity forever.” – Ada Limón

Ada Limón: Poet Laureate

Ada Limón, a luminary in the realm of contemporary poetry, has carved her name in poetry history. With six poetic volumes under her belt and incredible accolades, such as being shortlisted for the Griffin Poetry Prize, Limón’s artistry is unmistakable. Yet, her latest venture goes beyond her previous work. You Are Here: Poetry in the Natural World is her first collection since becoming the 24th Poet Laureate of The United States.

You Are Here

As Poet Laureate, Limón’s mission extends beyond crafting verse; it delves into the depths of connection. It is the connection to ourselves, to one another, and especially to the earth that cradles us all. This is why, in her latest project, You Are Here, Limón embarks on a journey that intertwines poetry with humanity’s profound connection to the natural world.

You Are Here is an anthology of fifty previously unpublished poems by some of the nation’s most revered poets. Limon not only wrote the introduction but also edited the collection. From Joy Harjo’s lyrical musings to Jericho Brown’s evocative verses, each poem is a portal into each poet’s relationship with their local landscape. These poems celebrate nature wherever it grows, from vast national parks to small flowering trees in urban areas.

“In conceiving of my signature project, I wanted something that could both praise our sacred and natural wonders and also speak the complex truths of this urgent time.” – Ada Limón

This breathtaking anthology is a mosaic of voices, each resonating with its unique cadence and perspective. Limón and her fellow poets remind us of our connection to the earth beneath, the sky above, and all the nature surrounding us.

You Are Here celebrates poetry’s enduring power to illuminate and inspire. With its urgent call to action, this anthology stands as a lyrical homage to the boundless wonders of the natural world. It invites readers to embark on a journey of rediscovery, one poem at a time.

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Ada Limón will serve as Poet Laureate until the spring of 2025. You Are Here reminds us that amidst everything around us, humanity is intertwined with the ever-unfolding narrative of nature itself.