The Romance Read for Gatsby Fans

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The Summer Wives

If someone wrote a mashup of The Great Gatsby, with its wealthy, glittering angst-ridden characters, and Wuthering Heights with Heathcliff brooding and waves crashing against the cliffs, you’d get something close to The Summer Wives by Beatriz Williams. 

The Summer Wives has several plotlines, and Miranda Schuyler is their link. She’s an outsider to Winthrop Island, visiting for the first time on the eve of her mother’s pending nuptials to Hugh Fisher. Miranda will come back eighteen years later to escape her own troubled marriage.  

I was utterly captivated by this novel from start to finish with its entwined storylines of siblings, secrets, murder, and forbidden love. Beatriz Williams has created a pitch-perfect breathless narrative that left me feeling as secretive and duplicitous as the characters as I greedily eavesdropped on their lives. This read is sure to satisfy the luxurious love fix you need in your life. 

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