Why We Feel Like We Would Be Bff’s With Poems and Peonies Poet, Chelsie Diane

Diane Poems and Peonies Poet
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Chelsie Diane of the thriving poetry account Poems and Peonies inspires us to be fearlessly vulnerable.

To read the poetry on @poemsandpeonies is to feel like you’ve finally connected with someone who just gets what it means to capture every part of life. From relationships and healing to health hardships and exploration, Diane captures in her verses that comprise the human experience.

Her poetry illustrates the phases of heartache in a sophisticated manner. Reading her poetry is an eye-opening experience, which is just one of the reasons why we give major kudos to her. If you are currently, or have ever experienced a heartache of any kind her poetry will change you. In other words, if you’re human, you need to be following Poems and Peonies.


As if her exquisitely crafted poetry doesn’t impress us enough, her captions are just as moving. Diane has utilized social media to connect with her audience and share her life experiences, candidly and with open vulnerability. Her poetry comes from a place so personal that its relatability is almost astounding. Her Instagram bio captures exactly how her poetry makes us feel, “the year I was brave enough to set myself free and the flowers the universe brought me.” Her poetry speaks from a place of poetic empowerment. And we’re here for it.


Poems and peonies, indeed.

We can’t ignore her botanical influence and style, with which we are totally smitten. Her use of language stands out in the space, graceful and powerful all at once. Put simply, we can’t help but feel she’s destined for greatness. She focuses on sharing poems, but occasionally a personal post makes the feed, drawing us in closer to the poet as a person. The real peek at her life behind the scenes comes through her Instagram stories. There is little doubt. We feel like we would be bffs with her.


To keep up with Diane follow her on Instagram: (@poemsandpeonies)