‘Watching Women and Girls’ By Danielle Pender Book Review

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 A Thoughtful Exploration of Feminine Identity

‘Watching Women and Girls’ By Danielle Pender Book Review


Watching Women and Girls by Danielle Pender is a captivating exploration of femininity, identity, and the complex narratives that shape the lives of women and girls. Pender, the founder of Riposte Magazine, takes readers on a compelling journey through various aspects of female existence, offering a fresh perspective on issues that women and girls encounter in today’s world.


One of the book’s standout features is its multifaceted approach. Pender seamlessly weaves together personal essays, interviews, and artistic contributions from women of diverse backgrounds, creating a rich tapestry of voices and experiences. This diversity allows readers to connect with the stories on a profound level and gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and triumphs faced by women and girls from different walks of life.


A Multifaceted Journey Through Diverse Narratives and Perspectives


I found Pender’s writing to be both poignant and insightful. She delves into complex topics such as body image, sexuality, motherhood, and societal expectations with sensitivity and nuance. Her ability to balance personal anecdotes with broader cultural insights keeps the narrative engaging and thought-provoking throughout.

With each story, Pender gives insight into the emotions of her characters in a way that helps the reader really experience the world through feminine eyes.

For me, Watching Women and Girls is not just a book; it’s a celebration of femininity and an invitation to reflect on what it means to be a woman or girl in today’s world. It challenges stereotypes, embraces diversity, and champions the idea that every woman’s story is worth sharing. It is a must-read for anyone interested in exploring the intricate interplay of identity, gender, and society in the lives of women today.



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What others are saying about Watching Women and Girls:

“Watching Women and Girls is a searing meditation on the moments that make, and break, us. As canny as they are entertaining, these stories are packed with emotional intelligence, capturing the dark and the light of the female experience in a series of vignettes that every one of us will in some way relate to. I loved it.” Review from Charlotte Philby, author of The Second Woman


“Vibrant, intense and darkly comic this is a powerful and thoughtful collection told through closely observed, spellbinding characters that stay with you.” Review from Abigail Bergstrom, author of What a Shame


“A page-flipping joy of a read. Pender is a generous writer and observer of society who incisively captures what it is to be a woman in our times.” From Charlotte Jansen, author of Girl on Girl


“Smart and astute, funny and wry; a catalogue of the modern conditions of dating, working and being. It encouraged me to pay more attention to the world around me and the secret lives of those in it.” From Amelia Abraham, author of Queer Intentions


“To see, be seen and know that you are, always, being watched. That is the experience of being a woman today. This thoughtful, meditative and, at times, absurdly funny collection is a reminder that someone is, always, looking right back.” Review from Vicky Spratt, author of Tenants


About the Author – Danielle Pender

Danielle Pender was born in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. She earned her BA in History of Modern Art, Design & Film from Northumbria University. She then went on to completed her MA in Creative Writing at Newcastle University.

In 2013 Pender founded Riposte, a magazine and digital platform that provides exploration of contemporary women’s lives. She also runs Riposte Studio, where she works with brands like Adidas, Uniqlo, Ace & Tate, Toast, Nike, and COS. There she is to oversee editorial content, event curation/production, creative direction, and public relations. Pender has written for publications such as Vogue, Elle, Refinery 29,Apartamento, It’s Nice That, and others.

She currently resides in London with her husband and daughter. Watching Women and Girls is Pender’s debut collection of short stories.




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