‘Tis The Damn Season’ by Kimi Freeman Book Review

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‘Tis the Damn Season by Kimi Freeman is a whirlwind of a Christmas Romance 

In the midst of a Hollywood scandal, a familiar face from the past reemerges, reigniting the flames of a long-lost love. Aspen Moore, a young and accomplished singer-actress, has it all—fame, fortune, and a flourishing headlining tour. Yet, there’s an emptiness that lingers within her. When a shocking scandal disrupts her carefully crafted Hollywood existence, she is compelled to return to her hometown in Pennsylvania.

Back in Fertsville, Aspen crosses paths with Roman Torres, her first love, and memories come flooding back. Determined to keep their relationship platonic, they engage in a game of emotional tug-of-war. She has no intention of staying in Fertsville, and he has no plans of relocating to LA. However, the undeniable chemistry between them rekindles the feelings from the past.

As Aspen grapples with rumors and drama, the glittering lights of Hollywood lose their luster compared to the dark brown eyes that once captured her heart. One question hangs in the air. Is Aspen ready to let go of everything she has for the love she wants?


Multicultural and Festive!

‘Tis the Damn Season is a captivating story that combines the glamour of Hollywood with the emotions of first love. Kimi Freeman vividly contrasts Hollywood’s glitz with the simplicity of Aspen’s hometown in a way that makes you feel as if you are in the story. Freeman kept me captivated until the very end with her build-up of intensity and attraction between the two main characters. Aspen’s chemistry with Roman is intense, but they try to keep their relationship platonic. Their push and pull, their attraction and restraint, make the story enticing and the end worth the wait.


The book is a heartwarming holiday read that takes you on an emotional journey from the glamour of Hollywood to the comfort of a hometown visit. It’s a story that reminded me that the best gifts come from the heart and more importantly, it’s a story that explores what true happiness and self-discovery mean. It raises the question we’ve all probably thought of a time or two. What would you give up for love?

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What others are saying about ‘Tis The Damn Season:

“This book was great! The two main characters are lovable and some of the dialogue in the scenes made me feel like I was back in high school (not negative, the book was just immersive). The playlist that goes along the book only enhanced the reading experience. This book had me laughing, crying, and truly just being taken in by the story.” – allyreadsstuff

“The ending had my jaw on the floor! It’s fast-pace and so easy to read.” – @emily_rose_10


“Brimming with small town charm, Kimi Freeman crafts a delightful romp through our favorite holiday tropes – A wonderful debut!” – Courtney Kae author of In the Event of Love


“With an impressively mature voice and brisk, assured storytelling, Freeman immediately draws readers into a world where the glitz and glamour are slightly tarnished, and the stars are simple, down to earth, and approachable…the novel will speak to a new generation of romance lovers while also delighting veterans of the genre with a fresh, vibrant voice.” – BookLife Reviews


About the Author – Kimi Freeman

Kimi Freeman is an author who writes modern love stories and has a deep passion for dancing. She independently publishes making her hardworking and is extremely dedicated to her work and her love stories. Kimi comes from northern New Jersey and often enjoys eating toasted cinnamon raisin bagels or taking short trips to New York City, which is not far from her hometown. Her stories have romantic moments, fun to read, and always promises a happy and sweet ending. Tis the Damn Season is her debut novel.


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