This is NOT your Average Fake Relationship Trope

Written in the Stars
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Written in the Stars is a read that pairs with a cozy chair and your first cup of coffee on a lazy Saturday. 

Elle and Darcy go on a disastrous blind date orchestrated by Darcy’s brother, Brendon, who has been meddling in her life, trying to get her back in the dating scene after a devastating breakup. Elle’s family views her as an alien in their midst; she’s an astrologer and has been single for what seems like forever, a combination her sensible-job-holding paired-off family does not know how to process. 

Elle and Darcy agree to fake a relationship for a set amount of time, allowing for their joint appearance at upcoming family functions in the hopes it will quiet their families. 

The fake relationship trope is not my favorite because it often calls for suspended disbelief beyond my tolerance. If Written in the Stars was my first fake-relationship book, I would be telling everyone it’s the best idea ever; it’s utterly believable in this story. 

Alexandra Bellefleur creates dynamic characters, and while you will likely start on Team Elle or Team Darcy, as the story unfolds, you will love them both and be rooting for their happily-ever-after. 

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