‘This Bird Has Flown’ by Susanna Hoffs

This Bird Has Flown by Susanna Hoffs
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The Bird Has Flown by Susanna Hoffs is a steamy romcom that hits all the right notes. 

The first thing that attracted me to this book is the author! In her first novel, Susanna Hoffs, co-founder of The Bangles, has delivered a fresh, honest look at love, relationships, and fame. 

Jane had a hit song ten years ago, but now she is in her 30s, broke, and single. She’s living with her parents and things are not looking too promising for her immediate future. But on a flight to London, ordered by her manager so that she can “regroup”, Jane meets the perfect man. She’s both smitten with and creatively inspired by Tom, a handsome Oxford professor.  

Jane doesn’t hear from Tom for weeks, and once they are reunited, it doesn’t take long for her to figure out that something is…off. His friends and colleagues are keeping her at a distance, and Jane quickly realizes that Tom’s beautiful, elegant, and rich ex-fiancée is still part of his world. But she has other things to worry about. Like a comeback planned by the coolest, trendiest, most well-known musician in the entire world. Even as her romantic life falls apart, Jane has the chance to stand in her own creative spotlight. Will she get another chance at love as well?  

This book is sexy, funny as hell, and offers a cool behind-the-scenes look at the music industry. I’m delighted to say that Hoffs is as talented of a writer as she is a musician! 

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What others are saying about This Bird Has Flown:

“A little bit romance, a little bit rock-and-roll–this isn’t just a book, it’s a love song, and it should come as no surprise that Susanna Hoffs has crafted the perfect one to put on your playlist.” – Christina Lauren, New York Times bestselling author of The Unhoneymooners

“In this sexy, page-turning treat of a debut novel, Susanna Hoffs writes as engagingly as she sings.” – Helen Fielding, author of the bestselling phenomenon Bridget Jones’s Diary

This Bird has Flown is a blast of pure pleasure, an addictive medley of music, romance, secrets, and sex. Susanna Hoffs’ captivating first novel is part British romcom, part Jane Eyre, and one hundred percent enjoyable.”– Tom Perrotta, New York Times bestselling author of Mrs. Fletcher and Tracy Flick Can’t Win

“Bangles frontwoman Susanna Hoffs demonstrates her range. . . . Hoffs hits the familiar beats of romantic comedy with such panache and gusto, every note feels fresh. Clutch your pearls as Jane swears, boozes, masturbates and indulges, but just try to measure the size of her heart with any ordinary ruler. Ditto the writing. There is not a spare, bare sentence to be found. Instead, the pages are packed with wit and sly allusion and dialogue that strikes the ear just so.”– Beatriz Williams, New York Times Book Review

“Elegant, thoughtful, and ever-so-sexy, This Bird Has Flown will stay in your mind–in your heart–like a favorite song.” – Rachel Hawkins, New York Times bestselling author of The Wife Upstairs

About the Author – Susanna Hoffs

Susanna Hoffs author and singer songwriter The Bangles This Bird Has Flown
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Boasting one of pop’s most beloved voices, Susanna Hoffs graduated from U.C. Berkeley with a degree in Art. In 1981 she co-founded The Bangles, with whom she recorded and released a string of chart-topping singles including “Manic Monday,” “Walk Like an Egyptian,” “Hazy Shade of Winter,” and “Eternal Flame” (which she cowrote), before embarking on a critically acclaimed solo career. She also wrote, recorded music for, and appeared in the Austin Powers movies, and played herself on Season 1 of “The Gilmore Girls.” This Bird Has Flown is her first novel. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, filmmaker Jay Roach.


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