‘The Wake Up Call’ By Beth O’Leary Book Review

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The Wake Up Call: A Must-Read Romantic Comedy This Winter

The Wake Up Call by Beth O’Leary is a delightful enemies-to-lovers romance. That will warm your heart and tickle your funny bone.

It follows hotel receptionists Izzy and Lucas as they compete to return a collection of lost wedding rings to their owners while saving their struggling hotel. Their rivalry turns into something more complicated as they navigate the holiday season and their growing feelings for each other.

Whether you want a quick pick-me-up or you want to fully escape into a fluffy, feel-good romance, this book won’t disappoint.

This classic enemies-to-lovers romance had me hooked from the start with its witty banter, charming characters, and heartwarming plot.

Izzy and Lucas are two hotel receptionists who are forced to work together during the busiest season of the year. Their rivalry is palpable, but when they discover a collection of lost wedding rings. They compete to return them to their owners while also trying to save their beloved hotel from going under.

Izzy is a quirky and perky character who brings light to every room she enters, while the sexy, serious Brazilian, Lucas, is the polar opposite. Their chemistry is undeniable, and their banter had me laughing out loud throughout the book.

The supporting characters are also amazing, each bringing their unique personalities to the story. From Mr. Townsend, who may be a godsend, to the unpredictable Mandy and the lively Hedgers family, each character feels like part of the family.

What I loved most about this book was the growth of Izzy and Lucas’s relationship. Izzy’s vulnerability in opening up her feelings after being rejected by Lucas a year ago, and Lucas’s efforts to win her over, made me root for them all the way.

Beth O’Leary did an excellent job with the pacing and the plot, and I thoroughly enjoyed the not-so-subtle Love Actually references throughout the book. It was the most entertaining, laugh-out-loud read among her works, in my opinion, with fewer dramatic and angsty moments than you’ll normally find.

Overall, I highly recommend The Wake Up Call for anyone who needs a light and heartwarming read – one that’s filled to the brim with charm and romance.

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What Other People Are Saying About The Wake Up Call

“With a delicious cast of unforgettable characters and sparky banter that will have you in stitches, The Wake-Up Call is rom-com perfection. Both funny and moving, believe me once you’ve checked into The Forest Manor Hotel you won’t want to leave!”-Mike Gayle, international bestselling author of A Song of Me and You

 “A gorgeous read that expertly and deftly takes us away from our everyday lives and plunges us into the fun, heartfelt and engrossing world of Beth O’Leary’s talent. She is a master of her craft.”-Salma El-Wardany, author of These Impossible Things

“O’Leary’s novels are fun, funny and sometimes quite sexy… this book is so fun you really don’t want it to end.”-Minneapolis Star-Tribune

About the Author – Beth O’Leary

Credit: Dave Benett/Getty Images for Paramount+/Dave BenettBeth O’Leary is an accomplished English author who has made a name for herself in the romantic comedy genre.

Her subsequent novels, including “The Switch,” “The Road Trip,” “The No-Show,” and “The Wake-Up Call,” are all well-received by readers and critics alike.



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