‘The Twelve Months of Christmas’ By Sheila Roberts Book Review

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The Twelve Months of Christmas is a syrupy confection of friendship, romance, and warm fuzzy moments.

It is entirely predictable, but this is not a criticism. It’s exactly what a Christmas romance should be: a balm amid a hectic season that reminds us that the spirit of Christmas runs on love and that what’s inside someone’s heart is more valuable than any perfectly wrapped gift.

Arianna is a recently divorced mom with a turkey of an ex-husband. Her mother, Mia, has been diagnosed with cancer. Molly, a widow, is a postal worker whose job during the busy mailing season threatens to deplete any last drops of Christmas cheer she may have. Molly’s daughter, Ava, is a single mom, too. Sunny has recently become a stepmother to two children, Dylan, and Bella. Bellas is thirteen and determined to sneer at every family bonding activity Sunny tries.

After a disastrous Christmas all around, the friends devise a plan to keep the Christmas spirit alive year-round; they will celebrate Christmas every month, changing the theme of their celebrations to coincide with the season.

Although this is a romance – two of the friends will find their Prince Charming – the story never takes its eye off the power of women’s friendship and its power to heal and lift us. By the novel’s end, the women are much stronger, not because they found true love but because of the unshakable bond they formed with each other.

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What Other People Are Saying About The Twelve Months of Christmas 

If you’re looking for a heart-tugging story with multi-layered characters, relatable life experiences, humor, love, and complex relationships, all with the joy and hope of Christmas at its core, give this one a try. But keep the tissues handy. – The Romance Dish

“When it comes to crafting feel-good stories that cleverly mix love and laughter, then skillfully wrap everything up with a bright holiday bow, Roberts is in a class by herself.”—Booklist

“ …I would be remiss if I didn’t mention there is a dog in here, too, Buster. He is adorable, and how could anyone not love him? I was sad to see the book end but happy knowing there were so many positives that came out of this book. Be kind to one another; you never know what someone else is going through.We give this book 5 paws up.” – Storeybook Reviews

About the Author – Sheila Roberts

Sheila Roberts lives in the Pacific Northwest. To date, she has seen over three million books sold both at home and abroad. Several of her books have been adapted for film by Hallmark, Lifetime, and GAF, including her holiday perennial, On Strike for ChristmasThe Nine Lives of Christmas, with a sequel The Nine Kittens of Christmas, and most recently, Christmas on Candy Cane Lane.

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