Spring Cleaning for the Soul: Begin Again

poetry with flowers for healing spring cleaning for the soul
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Well, we’ve made it to the end of our Spring Cleaning! This is what the whole journey has been about. Every step, every goodbye, every tear, and every ending had to take place for you to create a world more fitting for this season of your life.

Beginning again is the most freeing choice one can make.

Truly starting over requires us to venture into ambiguous and unfamiliar territory in the most vulnerable of ways. Each time I choose to begin again, the first step into a new chapter of my life feels like a free fall. A sensation as liberating as it is paralyzing forces us to trust there is no more preparation to be done. There is nothing left to feel through, no old wounds to dress or loose ends to neatly tie up and tuck away. It’s time for us to trust that every single thing in this mystical, whirlwind of a life is always working out for us simply because we are worthy of it. It’s time to trust all of the preparation, lessons, endings and healing and begin again.

Ahead, a few wonderful poetry collections to help ease you into this beautiful, new beginning!
Photo credit: @jennaececelia via Instagram

The sun will rise and so will we by Jennae Cecelia

For the hearts still forging through the last shadows of apprehension, Jennae Cecelia has perfect words to guide you into the light. The sun will rise and so will we illustrates Cecelia’s journey through anxiety and depression. Underlying themes of hope, grace and perseverance weave through each poem to remind readers that even the heaviest of hearts is worthy of stepping into the light.

Photo credit: Yung Pueblo via website

Inward by Yung Pueblo

Reading through Yung Pueblo’s Inward led me to reflect on every beautiful turn of events that brought me to this new beginning. Once I let it all sink in, I realized that I am more than worthy of and ready to accept every ounce of joy life has in store for me. No matter what force may have tried to keep you down, this collection of reminders and poetry ensures that reclaiming one’s power will only ever bring freedom and happiness.


Homecoming: Poetry & Prose by Stefanie Briar

Photo credit: @stefanie.briar.poetry via Instagram

Homecoming: Poetry & Prose was clearly written to ease your soul through the hurt and help you return back to the home within. Despite feelings of loss and brokenness, Stefanie Briar’s writing uses creative formats and language filled with light to make each page an invitation to trust the process. If you’re looking for a light read to carry you through heavy times, Homecoming: Poetry & Prose is a perfect pick!

Bonus book!

Peace is A Practice: An Invitation to Breathe Deep and Find A New Rhythm for Life by Morgan Harper Nichols

Photo credit: @morganharpernichols via Instagram

I know this series has been for poetry collections but I had to make an exception for this book. Yes, it’s THAT good! The talented and ever so eloquent Morgan Harper Nichols invites her audience to consider that slowing down to honor our inner worlds and our breath is the smoothest path to peace. Throughout Peace is A Practice: An Invitation to Breathe Deep and Find A New Rhythm for Life, readers follow the young writer’s intimate journey through challenges while discovering how she learned to cultivate her own inner peace along the way. The vivid imagery and relatable language Nichols is known for makes this book a joy to read and grow through. I have no doubt that Peace is A Practice holds a few pearls of wisdom to help you find breath to guide you into the fresh beginnings ahead!