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Second Chance At Love Romance Books

You only live once…so don’t miss out!

What would you give to relive those early days of your love story? The comfortability remains. But maybe this time around it’s not so bad timing. Or maybe the other person is just as lovably aggravating. Perhaps the maturity or time apart has created growth. But we know there is always a chance. A second chance at love romance books capture just that.  So let’s recapture that magic together through these amazing reads.

Everyone deserves a second chance in life and love. Honestly, we believe that sometimes you need a third chance. Maybe even a fourth? We don’t judge! No matter where you are on your personal Road to Redemption, one of the books below is sure to inspire you to take another look at Your Potential Future. May it be filled with the romance you deserve at every stage of your life!

You might love these books so much,  you will give them a second read. 😘


Just Some Stupid Love Story by Katelyn Doyle (Sponsored)

A real-life Hollywood rom-com writer who doesn’t believe in love? A high-powered, successful Chicago divorce attorney who DOES? This adorable set up, plus a high school reunion in a tropical setting, a lot of drinks, and one “for old times’ sake” hookup later, gives readers a sweet book about two people making a bet about the existence of true love.

If Molly is right, that means true love doesn’t exist, and waiting around for it only leads to timeless heartbreak. If Seth is right, it means that Molly will fall hopelessly in love with him during the course of their experiment. They knew each other pretty well in high school. After all, Molly was the only girl who’s ever broken his heart! Maybe this whole thing is a foregone conclusion…but you’ll have to read to find out. This is a great book for anyone who believes in soulmates (or wishes they did). Don’t miss this second-chance romance!

“Refreshing…A joy to read…Much like When Harry Met Sally but with way more angst (and sex). Doyle creates a strong, winning chemistry between Molly and Seth…A smart, slightly meta romance that plays out like the best movies.”
Kirkus (starred review)


Before I Let Go by Kennedy Ryan 

What if your second chance is with the same person you took the first chance on? Yasmen and Josiah do love each other, but after life just keeps knocking them down, they realize that their marriage cannot be saved. It wasn’t what they were expecting from life, and Yasmen struggled to find her feet, but she and Josiah are co-parenting well and running a thriving business together. But regardless of the current balance of things, the two are drawn together like magnets.

There’s a stolen kiss. Then another. Then more. And it is so good, like the first days of their relationship. But when the old wounds inevitably reopen, the pair wonders if it is too late for them to find happiness with each other. Or could a second time around result in them fixing their issues and finding forever?

We absolutely loved this book about redemption, passion, and the hard truth that sometimes, love really isn’t enough. The angsty vibe is so relatable, many of us understand the “should we/shouldn’t we” struggle and the author has really captured the struggle of making a choice that could affect the rest of your life.

“Kennedy Ryan pours her whole soul into everything she writes, and it makes for books that are heart-searing, sensual, and life affirming. We are lucky to be living in a world where she writes.”—Emily Henry, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author

“A knockout!”—Publishers Weekly, starred review


The Road Trip by Beth O’Leary 

This book checks a lot of my personal boxes! A stunning location (an enormous French villa), one wild, untamable woman, a rough break up, and a wedding in rural Scotland, which is where our story begins.

Two years after the official end of their relationship, Dylan and Addie find themselves thrown together again. A teensy car accident ruins everyone’s travel plans, and the two find themselves wedged into a Mini with Dylan’s best friend, Addie’s sister, and a random guy from Facebook who needed a ride. Can they possibly make it to the wedding in time? And more importantly, will all of this time together force them to reexamine their relationship? Or how it ended? Was their decision to go their separate ways a mistake? They’ll have plenty of time to figure it out as they set out across Britain, desperate to make it to a friend’s wedding on time!

We highly recommend the audiobook version of this fun read, you’ll fall in love with Josh Dylan’s narration. Enjoy it on your own summer road trip!

“As with her surprise hit, The Flatshare, O’Leary expertly balances humor and heart while introducing a zany cast of 20-somethings… Readers won’t want this crazy road trip to end.”—Publishers Weekly

The Road Trip is a humorous yet deeply moving journey toward confronting the past, forgiveness, and reconciliation, with a poignant detour to a summer of young love in Provence.”—Helen Hoang, USA Today Bestselling Author

“Read this!  Absolutely loved it!”—Christina Lauren, New York Times Bestselling Author 


Bad Girl Reputation by Elle Kennedy

We are OBSESSED with Elle Kennedy’s Avalon Bay novels, and this third installment was definitely worth waiting for.

Genevieve West is a reformed bad girl. In order to STAY reformed, she knows that she has to avoid her ex-boyfriend, Evan. Their history is long, turbulent, and passionate as hell. And she’s trying to forget it entirely. But Genevieve grew up in a small coastal town, and of course it is impossible for her to avoid Evan for long. As soon as she sees him, it’s clear that he hasn’t changed much. He’s still irresistible, undisciplined, and sexy as ever.

Evan is still partying, but Genevieve has grown up. She’s an adult and has officially left her days of hellraising behind. She has a life of her own outside of her home town, and she’s heading out as soon as possible. But Evan has other ideas, and he sets out to convince her that the two of them should give things another try. Can he turn over a new leaf and be the man that Genevieve is looking for at this point of her life?

“This is sure to delight Kennedy’s many fans, as well as garner new ones.” – Booklist

“The depth of Kennedy’s characters creates a bond that is hard to let go of when the novel ends.” – Shelf Awareness


The Bromance Book Club by Lyssa Kay Adams

Yeah, yeah…we normally don’t judge a book by its cover, but the treatment on Lyssa Kay Adams’ The Bromance Book Club made us smile as soon as we saw it. Talk about perfectly capturing the spirit of the story!

Pro ballplayer Gavin Scott’s marriage is in serious trouble. The relationship could already be considered “strained”, but when Gavin finds out that Thea has always…faked the big O…he absolutely loses his mind, lets his pride get the better of him, and walks away. As a professional athlete, Gavin is used to being looked at, admired, hated, and tolerated. But where does a high-profile alpha male go to find romance-related support without the entire world finding out?

Gavin is desperate to win back his wife, and he finds help from the unlikeliest of places. There is an underground secret romance book club operating in Nashville. Run by other Men About Town, the club uses their new read, a steamy Regency title called Courting the Countess, as a springboard to help coach Gavin on saving his marriage. Will Gavin find his inner romantic? Can he win back the trust of the only woman he loves?

We LOVE a spouses-reconnecting-with-each-other romance, and this is such a wonderful read. Lots of unexpected details and situations that will seem familiar to many readers! And we were thrilled to realize that this is the first book in a pun-filled series that will capture hearts with its fresh premise.

“Adams weaves in humor, complex emotions, and excerpts from the motivational story itself to create a satisfying courtship. A strong supporting cast, including Gavin’s book clubmates and his tiny, adorable twin daughters, helps flesh out the Legends community.”—Publishers Weekly

“A fun, sexy, and heartfelt love story that’s equal parts romance and bromance.”—Kirkus Reviews


Delilah Green Doesn’t Care by Ashley Herring Blake 

If you liked Astrid Parker Doesn’t Fail, you will LOVE this sexy, steamy romantic comedy featuring queer characters taking chances and finding each other!

Like many women in many romance novels, Delilah Green swore that she would NEVER return to her hometown. But as so frequently happens, our heroine finds herself heading home despite her best intentions. Luckily, she quickly finds an opportunity for entertainment and realizes that revenge is possible in tiny Bright Falls!

Claire Sutherland lives a life with no surprises. So Delilah’s return unsettles her, but maybe not for the average reasons. Is Claire strong enough to resist Delilah’s charms? Does she want to resist them?

We are all in on a love-‘em-and-leave-‘em heroine who sees a different woman every night and we can’t wait for the next book in the series. This is another great choice for a summer road trip audiobook!

“A swoon-worthy, laugh-out-loud romp of a romance, this rom-com deserves to be amongst romantic titans like You’ve Got Mail, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Sleepless in Seattle.”—Kosoko Jackson, author of I’m So Not Over You

Delilah Green Doesn’t Care reads the way realizing your crush likes you back feels.”—Rosie Danan, National Bestselling Author


Summer At The Saints by Mary Kay Andrews

It is always a good day when you spend it with Mary Kay Andrews! Her fun novels have been summer staples for us through many beach days and boat trips, her fun, relaxed vibe is the perfect addition to a great vacay day.

“The Saint”, or the St. Cecelia, is a landmark hotel on the Georgia coast. Traci’s family wasn’t rich enough to vacation there, but they were poor enough for her to work there. But that was the old Traci, and she is now the widowed owner of the well-known hotel. The Saint has seen better days, but Traci is convinced that she can turn it all around. And as she fights to return the hotel to its former glory, a swoony romance threatens to derail all of her well-laid plans. What does Traci owe to her late husband’s legacy? What does she owe to her own?

“Andrews’s expert exploration of complex family dynamics, hidden secrets, and class divisions in a small resort town add authenticity to the gripping mystery and swoony romance. Series fans and newcomers alike will be riveted.” –Publishers Weekly, starred review

“A fun, heart-warming, and intriguing summer read.”Library Journal




What is your favorite Second Chance at Love Romance Books? There are a lot of fans of “enemies to lovers” and “you were there the whole time!” fans around here, but there is an endless selection of second-chance books out there. Dive in to the genre and find your own favorite trope!