‘Romantic Comedy: A Novel’ By Curtis Sittenfeld

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Building a new relationship as the world falls apart 

Romantic Comedy: A Novel by Curtis Sittenfeld

As the world’s biggest fan of Tina Fey’s 30 Rock, I knew that I would love Romantic Comedy the instant I read the description!  

Sally is a sketch writer for The Night Owls, an SNL-style show with a punishing schedule that does not leave a lot of time for romance. Noah Brewster, a musician with a lady killer reputation, signs on to be both musical guest for the show. That’s when Sally feels an instant connection. Their sketch collaborations feel…different. But this is real life, not a romance novel. In real life, a man like Noah would never be interested in a normie like her. Right?  

After a painfully awkward encounter where Sally keeps saying the wrong thing at a post-show party, the sparks fizzle and time passes. She doesn’t hear from Noah again until the Covid pandemic rears its head and he reaches out to check in. Sally and Noah start an email correspondence, with her writing in her childhood bedroom and him writing from a palatial, lonely mansion in California.  

Sally isn’t sure that she can depend on an international superstar to show up for her. And she isn’t sure if she can handle the nonstop attention and paparazzi that follow Noah everywhere. Will she be brave enough to step off into the great unknown and take a chance on love? 

Curtis Sittenfeld has delivered a wonderful, heartfelt book about traditional gender roles and navigating romance and new relationships during a truly unique time in human history. Don’t miss it! 

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What others are saying about Romantic Comedy: A Novel by Curtis Sittenfeld:

“Reminiscent of 1999’s Notting Hill, in which Hugh Grant as an everyman British bookstore owner falls in love with Julia Roberts’s Hollywood actress, the novel also contains Sittenfield’s trademark themes of gender politics and social class. VERDICT Buy multiple copies and get ready for the movie that’s sure to follow Sittenfeld’s latest novel. She consistently proves herself as one of the most readable contemporary novelists. Her books are impossible to put down, and the characters will continue to swim around in readers’ minds long after the final chapters.” –Beth Liebman Gibbs

“Sittenfeld has a keen eye for relationships, particularly romantic ones, which is what makes her upcoming book, Romantic Comedy, so enticing. . . . The novel takes a shot of SNL and makes sparks fly.” Elle

“A love letter to the prototypical rom-com . . . Sittenfeld’s work exists in the dissection and comprehension of female desire: what we want, what we absolutely don’t and, maybe paramount, what we’re even allowed to have. . . . A fizzy ride.” The New York Times Book Review

“From the heart to the funny bone . . . What makes all this particularly delightful is that the woman narrating Romantic Comedy is hyper-aware of the conventions of romantic comedy, and she knows full well that real life is no fairy tale. But could it be this time?” –The Washington Post

“If you’re in need of [a] smart, sophisticated, and fun diversion right now (and who isn’t), this is your book. Like her literary foremother Jane Austen, Sittenfeld brings together exquisitely sharp dialogue that fizzes, excruciating sexual tension, and incisive social observation.” Oprah Daily

About the Author – Curtis Sittenfeld

Curtis Sittenfeld is a bestselling author for 6 novels. This recent book, Romantic Comedy,  has been given a high praise and selected for Reese Witherspoon’s Book Club. Her books have been translated into 10 different languages and selected to become TV and movie scripts. Sittenfeld grew up in Ohio but has moved all over since birth.  Moving to New York, she went to acquire her undergraduate school at Vassar College. She then transferred to Stanford University in California to complete her degree. Continuing her education, she traveled back to the Midwest to earn her MFA from University of Iowa after getting her degree from Stanford.  She now has 2 daughters and is a proud mother. 


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