A Series of Romance Reads: The Uptown Collection

The Uptown Collection
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My intention for this week was to read one of the three novellas in Ruby Lang’s The Uptown Collection.

I figured if one book is good, the rest probably are as well, and I could in good conscience recommend the entire series.

I read the first book, and then the second, followed by the third, all in the same day. You could focus on what this reading binge says about my social life, but I encourage you to think about what it says about the writing.

Ruby Lang is buzzed about amongst her fellow authors, garnering raves from Kate Clayborn (Love Lettering), Jasmine Guillory (The Wedding Date), and Talia Hibbert (Get a Life Chloe Brown), and I understand why.

Each novella in The Uptown Collection is its own complete romance and can be read in any order. The link between the three books is a neighborhood in Harlem in which each story takes place.

Lang’s characters are relatable and fully formed. Their relationships are tested by believable circumstances rather than with romance’s favorite trope – the horrible misunderstanding.

I love to read, and you know I love romance, but I can’t remember the last time I was so transported by a story that I read several hundred pages in one go as if it was a timed event. Grab up this book and make sure you’ve found a comfy spot to read – you’re going to be there a while.

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