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The Summer Deal
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I feel confident in this admission because I’m a proud bookworm but mostly because the li Squad are my people. If there’s a book display anywhere – free library in someone’s lawn, garage sale, gas station – I can’t walk by it without a look. 

It was this compulsion that led me to scour the book offering at my local retail warehouse club. I found the latest from John Grisham and James Patterson, a Nora Roberts or two, and the rest was Jill Shalvis.  

The Summer Deal is part of the Wildstone series, although each title in the series works as a stand-alone. The town of Wildstone is what links the books rather than an ongoing plotline.  

Brynn Turner has just returned to Wildstone with her tail between her legs, following a breakup and losing her job. While she is warmly welcomed by her mothers, Brynn is aware that she could easily be love-smothered into complacency. 

When she’s offered a room in a house with Eli, her childhood crush, and Kinsey, her arch-nemesis from summer camp, Brynn is at first reluctant. But, eventually, the desire for independence overcomes her resistance. 

While the romance that unfolds between Eli and Brynn is yummy, the hilarious clash between Brynn and Kinsey’s personalities just might win the day. 

If you fall in love with Jill Shalvis as I did, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Good news, there are over fifty other titles for you to snap up. 

The Summer Deal

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