A Romance Named When Katie Met Cassidy

When Katie Met Cassidy
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Romances have made me swoon, cry, and laugh; When Katie Met Cassidy by Camille Perri made me think.

Katie is a polite, well-bred Southern woman whose fiancé has recently dumped her. Still disoriented from her change in circumstances, she attends a contract negotiation on behalf of a client when she meets Cassidy, who is there to represent the other side. 

Katie and Cassidy could not be more opposite. Katie presents as traditionally feminine in clothing and behavior. Cassidy wears custom-made men’s suits and swears and drinks like a sailor. Katie thinks sex and love are synonymous, and Cassidy thinks willingness is the only requirement. Still, they find themselves drawn to each other even though Katie doesn’t think she’s attracted to women, and Cassidy has no interest in being anyone’s experiment.

I watched a terrific talk with Camille Perri in which she says the novel speaks to “the importance of figuring out who we really are, in order to go after what we want.” Katie and Cassidy both learn who they are in this novel, and the book challenges us to think about what, if any, role gender plays in a love story.

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When Katie Met Cassidy
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