You’ve Heard of the Girl Next Door, But How About a Duke?

The Royals Next Door
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Piper Evans’ life is far from perfect, but it’s quiet, and she likes it that way. The calm shatters when a Duke and Duchess move into the house next door. It’s not the royals who disrupt Piper’s world; it’s their broody bodyguard, Harrison, who is the real culprit. He’s bossy and terse, but wow, is he easy on the eyes. He also makes a mean pie crust which is always a plus in the potential-boyfriend category.

The Royals Next Door is a light and easy read. Still, it’s not without substance, with secondary storylines about mental illness and the stigma commonly associated with reading romance novels. It’s a book that invites the reader to think without straying too far from the easy terrain of a rom-com.

This novel reads like a movie – unsurprising as Karina Halle has screenwriting credits – and would be fun to cast; my pick for Piper would be Amy Poehler with Christian Bale as Harrison.

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The Royals Next Door
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