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The Lifestyle
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Taylor Hahn’s The Lifestyle is electrifying, but not for the reasons one would expect from a book about swinging. Yes, there’s no shortage of sex, but describing this novel as a book about sex would be as egregious as saying Moby Dick is about fishing. 

Taylor Hahn said it best in an interview with The New York Post:

“It had the potential for so much. Sex, drama, love, jealousy. But I dug into it and realized it was something bigger, so I wanted to write a sex-positive, feminist novel about this woman exploring her sexuality without shame.” 

Georgina Wagman is a partner in a prestigious law firm, an accomplishment that is not surprising to anyone because she has always had a clear plan for her life. Law school, rising in the ranks, marriage to the perfect guy. Check, check and check. 

What she did not plan for was her husband cheating on her. She wastes little time in hysterics and proceeds to tackle this setback as she does everything; she makes a plan. Inspired by a friend who saved her marriage by becoming a swinger, Georgina proposes that they give it a whirl to her husband. Putting her litigation skills to work, she persuades two other close friends and their partners to join in too.

It’s said that we’re all someone different when no one is looking. What makes this book so fascinating is the idea that the most liberating act of all is to knock down the wall between our private and public selves.

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The Lifestyle
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