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Farrah Rochon
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Farrah Rochon is a USA TODAY bestselling and award-winning author, and her latest book, The Hookup Plan, released earlier this month (hello Summer reading list!).  We had the chance to ask Farrah a few questions about her favorite genre, her favorite tropes, and what she’s reading right now… check it all out below!

little infinite: Why is the Romance genre your favorite to read? What stands out?

Farrah: The guarantee of a happily ever after is the thing that always brings me back to the romance genre. Knowing that no matter what the author puts the characters through, they will find their way to love in the end, is the best.

li: Is there a trope that you are always a sucker for in a Romance story?

Farrah: I consider myself a trope-a-holic, but enemies to lovers is, by far, my favorite. The tension, the banter, and the realization that this person you hate is someone you can’t live without is chef’s kiss.

li: What book are you currently reading?

Farrah: I’m reading Before I Let Go by Kennedy Ryan.

Read more about Farrah’s newest book: The Hookup Plan!

The Hookup Plan is pure romance gold. It ticked all my favorite boxes: enemies to lovers, sexual chemistry, competence kink, delicious banter. It has everything I want from a book: complex and swoony, hilarious and emotional, romantic and steamy. Treat yourself and pick up this masterpiece, because everything Farrah Rochon writes is an utter joy to read!” – Ali Hazelwood, New York Times Bestselling Author of The Love Hypothesis 

In The Hookup Plan, successful pediatric surgeon London Kelley just needs to find some balance and de-stress. According to her friends Samiah and Taylor, what London really needs is a casual hookup. A night of fun with no strings. But no one—least of all London—expected it to go down at her high school reunion with Drew Sullivan, millionaire, owner of delicious abs, and oh yes, her archnemesis

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