The Workplace + Your Ex, What Could Go Wrong?

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The Ex Talk

I was minding my own business when The Ex Talk suddenly took over my Instagram feed.  Even more intriguing, it was heralded as an “Instant Indie Bestseller”.  It’s unusual for indie booksellers to swipe right on a romance novel so I needed to know more. 

Shay Goldstein is a veteran producer at an NPR station, Dominic Yun the new hotshot reporter. Shay and Dominic get along about as well as any long-timer and eager newcomer at an organization ever do – not at all. 

When the station finds itself facing a financial crisis, a new show called The Ex Talk is cooked up to bring in new listeners. The show was Shay’s idea. What was not her idea was co-hosting it with Dominic, under the false premise that they used to date and have since broken up. 

There are lot of layers to this story – an insider’s look at public radio, workplace drama, sexism, and adulting. All of this is wrapped into a delicious love story that has you rooting for Shay and Dominic even as they make a mess of it. 

I listened to this on audio and highly recommend it. I ignored my husband most of the weekend because I couldn’t stop listening, so it’s safe to say that he’s not as much of a fan of The Ex Talk as I am. 

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