The Book that Reminds You How Fun Reading Should Be

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Patricia Wants to Cuddle

As a sensible description of a novel that shouldn’t make sense but does is out of reach, I offer you this endorsement: “Well, I guess Bigfoot-Lesbian-RomCom-Mystery-Horror is my new favorite genre! So much fun!” ―Lilly Wachowski, showrunner on Work in Progress and co-creator of The Matrix trilogy and Sense8.

Patricia Wants to Cuddle by Samantha Allen is a mind-bender, careening from the story of a group of reality show contestants on a Bachelor-esque show to achingly beautiful letters between two young lovers to a Sasquatch that holds an island in its thrall. It’s a book with a plot so compelling and weird that you gobble it whole, but it takes a long time to digest. I can’t stop thinking about it.

Here’s a review from Ryan McIlvain that appeared in the Los Angeles Review of Books, which perfectly captures the magic of Patricia Wants To Cuddle:

“What makes a novel like Patricia so vital is that it reminds us just how fun literature can/should be, in this case with all the hallmarks of a “beach read,” that double-edged recommendation. And yet the sentences in Patricia are supple and smart throughout, the characters deep, human, growing more complicated as our views into their interior lives and histories expand across the novel. Jonathan Lethem can write books like this, Michael Chabon too, Kate Atkinson, Tana French … The list goes on, but not for as long as you might think. You want a book that works, basically, but that doesn’t feel like work. It’s quite a circle to square.”

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