The Heartbreaking “BookTok” Bestseller

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It Ends With Us

It’s taken me most of the day to write the few paragraphs that follow.  It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover is not an easy book. I am still torn up by it several days later.  

It Ends with Us is popping up on bestseller lists five years after it was published, in large part thanks to TikTok, where readers have embraced it, declaring it sob-inducing. In some businesses – theme parks, for instance – crying is bad for business. On BookTok, sales go up by the sniffle. 

Before I go further, it is essential to note that It Ends With Us contains scenes of domestic abuse and that this is a central theme.  

Lily Bloom meets handsome neurosurgeon Ryle at a low point in her life. Just her luck that Ryle is attracted to her but not into relationships. Although Lily meets Ryle first, his sister Alyssa becomes her best friend.  

This seems ideal at first, especially after Ryle changes his mind about commitment. Just as Lily and Ryle’s relationship begins to take off, Lily’s first love, Atlas, returns to her life.   

The choices and decisions Lily will have to make are difficult and portrayed so completely, you should prepare to be a little dazed every time you set the book down. 

It Ends With Us qualifies as a romance because it has a happy ending, but the path to get there is winding and full of surprises. I recommend reading this with your best friend because you will definitely want – need – to have someone to hash it out with when you’re done. 

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