The Romance Read You Need with a Fearless Heroine

An Extraordinary Union
Reading Time: < 1 minute

I went on a search for romances featuring fearless and capable women looking not for a husband, but to create real and lasting change. 

An Extraordinary Union, set during the Civil War, features Elle Burns, a spy for the Loyal League. She is a freed woman but masquerades as a mute enslaved person to gain entrance into the home of a Confederate senator. Elle has a perfect memory, able to recite anything back after a single reading, a handy skill for a double agent.  

Malcolm McCall is also a spy, posing as a decorated Confederate soldier. His weapon is his charm which he wields to disarm men and women alike. 

When Malcolm arrives at the home where Elle works, their connection is as strong as it is unthinkable given the time in which they live.  

We’ve all read a forbidden love story, but An Extraordinary Union is a showstopper. Even knowing a romance will always have a happy ending, I could not foresee how Elle and Malcolm could possibly forge a path to stay together. 

I was so intrigued by this story that I did a little research into the Loyal League and Alyssa Cole. The Loyal League was a real organization which gives this story a glimpse into a little-known chapter of American history. Alyssa Cole’s writing career has been dedicated to books featuring strong women and unconventional relationships.   

Don’t let the history in Cole’s works deter you; she delivers plenty of romance and steam along the way in this incredible read. 

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